Friday, May 1, 2009

Beer Tasting

Beer Tasting has been quite slow since the start of the new year. With less discretionary income, it's no wonder.

We have revamped the program and will be holding a larger, more in depth tasting once a month at dba256.

The first of these new classes will be MAY 10th- and our attention will be on LAMBICS!!!


-In other news, I am working on putting a podcast together.

The format will consist of beer tasting and I will include a list of beers for each program. In theory, you will be able to download the podcast and buy the beers, and listen along in the comfort of your own choosing as we drink along thanks to technological advancements.

The beers will be easy to acquire, and I hope to partner up with a couple of retailers so as to assist everyone involved. I will try to make these "podcast tastings," as budget friendly as possible, and I am open to having people come on the programs to assist during recording sessions. Email me or comment with any reactions


meg said...

Oh, crap! That's the day that the resident Lambic Lover goes off on a business trip!

Maybe I'll just have to drink lambics for him. And gloat when he calls to say he arrived safely.

tibbi said...

i might have a couple flemish flamders up my sleeve as well...

tibbi said...