Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Anchor Christmas Ale

Anchor brewing releases a new Christmas Ale every year and this year is no different.

The 2009 Christmas "Our Special Ale" is exceptionally creamy compared to previous vintages and exhibits slightly oak-ey vanilla heft.

Its mouthfeel resembles more a cream soda than wassail normally found in winter time. I haven't decided exactly whether or not I like this beer. I must imbibe several more six packs before deciding. What I've loved about previous vintages of this ale is the presence of spicy blackberry/currant flavors mixed with spruce.

I need to test this more- if you see it yourself don't be afraid to try it and share your experience.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Well, the city's favorite bartender is a free agent now. It's a minor setback for the growing craft beer culture in downtown Pomona, but I am currently in the works to remedy this travesty.

Anyhow, I would very much like to thank all of you whom I have met during my stay at dba256. I have enjoyed the company of many new friends and I have relished the opportunity to serve the community in a way no one else has bothered to try. I thank and love each one of you.

This will not be the end of my service to the people and community I love in the name of my greatest love- beer. Please stay tuned and I will be glad to inform everyone of my whereabouts and hope to continue my spiritual mission of baptism through grain, hops, water, and yeast.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the big international beer conspiracy

Everybody now takes greater notice to the existence of a counter beer culture. This culture stands against all that is macro brewing. It takes to heart that the beer label on the bottle in one's hand is just as important as the name of the birthplace on one's birth certificate.

But did you know there is a group that is attempting to become a rebel force?

These rebels are diguised as people who enjoy "exotic" beers. That means obscure imports.

This perpetuation is often misguided and riddled with confusion. So let's see how we can fix it.

Let's use a simple format to deconstruct the errors of these uneducated drinkers.

For example;

Latin American beers.....

The people that "Only drink Latin beer" are either one of two things; ignorant, or incredibly ignorant.

Does anybody know how many corporate breweries exist in Mexico alone?

Three breweries brew over a dozen different beers- how's that for a monopoly?

I know where you're going to go with this rebels...

(Whiny voice) "Well, I drink ________." (insert Quilmes, Aguila, Panama, Brahma, Imperial, some other piss etc.)

The problem with the majority of international beer is this-

90-95 percent of the world drinks Lager.

Not interesting variations on lager- but just plain light colored, light bodied, light flavored lager.

Tibbs, why is this so?

The answer is simple- you know how accordions are present in horrible Mexican music?
----It's the freakin' Germanic influence provided by emmigrating Germans throughout the early to mid 20th century!!!!

Germans went everywhere and took their beer sensibilities with them. This meant that Imperial in Costa Rica doesn't taste that different from Tecate in Mexico or quilmes in Argentina. Bet you rebels feel pretty stupid now, huh? No>?- Well, you should.

Now let's get to the second part.

Brewing has had a long history of representing the people brewing the beer, the environment in which is it brewed, and the local products in such environment.

A brewer would use local water, local barley and/or wheat, local hops, and usually use a cultivated local yeast or spontaneously found local yeast.

You could travel from place to place and find unique beer different form the beer in the previous locale.

But not anymore.

And that is due to trade and technology.

Modern day brewers can control the chemical makeup and character of water used in brewing.

That means you can take Pomona Municipal water and change it to taste like the legendary water of Burton found in Bass.

This gives the modern brewer flexibility in achieveing desired taste and quality. But it also refrains him from total local expression in a most chemical sense.

Trade comes into play by allowing a brewer to purchase grain and hops from whoever he wishes- no longer limited by local supplies and market strongholds. Trade affects international beer in the respect that when you pick up a bottle of Panama- there is a good chance that the grain used in brewing the beer may have come from Bolivia or even the US.

Ethically- how can you drink an exotic beer made with ingredients that aren't even representative of the beer's supposed origin?

The answer to this confusion is craft made beer.

Afterall, why drink another country's budweiser? Why?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hanging out with celebrities!

Yeah- I know I haven't posted much lately, but September was a pretty horrible month for me.

I wasn't trying a whole lot of new beer, I was working more (which is good), and I was enduring some other problems. But don't worry guys- I'm not on the wagon or anything!!!!

And, I really don't want to be the guy that writes about every single thing. I've been doing this for a year and I have over 7,ooo hits so far with just under 100 posts. I like that pace and will keep to that standard unless my life gets a lot more interesting.

And this past week it has.

So, here's the scoop.

I was at Back Abbey on Wed. when I spotted Meg there having a good time. (Yes, Meg was having a good time at Backhair Abbey, Back Alley, etc.)

Anyhow, we sat down and ordered some beers. And I really didn't know what I wanted. I usually drink Saison Dupont and Fuller's London Pride.

I ordered a London Pride and to my surprise it tasted off. It exhibited paperiness....which is a storage issue, but I made no issue with it because it was slight and could've been simply due to my own innaccuracy since I had not had it in so long.

The next couple of beers were a fluke.

I ordered A Celebrator (Ayinger) Doppelbock, and then Bavik Pilsener.

At this point I was grasping for straws. My beer mojo wasn't working.

John, the owner of Back Abbey, came by and sat as we caught up a little. He informed me the founder of D' Chouffe would be in later for a meet and greet.

Chris Bauwereats showed up and after some disappointment with the lack of knowledgable clientel, came by. He introduced himself and bought us some beer. He sat down and we immediately started talking about beer, the industry, the past, the present, and the future.

He and his partner Danny, the marketing director of Duvel, had been traveling around the country on a Slow Brew tour. Chris was a character, very gregarious and very European. Meeting him made me happy because I could see how genuinely happy the man was- a man that simply did exactly what he wanted to do. In him, I saw what I hope for myself someday. We eventually made it back to dba, and here are the photos.

Melissa and her free Chouffe hat!

Me and Chris having some Stone beers

Chris, Danny, and I

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

by Charles Baudelaire

Get Drunk!

Always be drunk.
That's it!
The great imperative!
In order not to feel
Time's horrid fardel
bruise your shoulders,
grinding you into the earth,
Get drunk and stay that way.
On what?
On wine, poetry, virtue, whatever.
But get drunk.
And if you sometimes happen to wake up
on the porches of a palace,
in the green grass of a ditch,
in the dismal loneliness of your own room,
your drunkenness gone or disappearing,
ask the wind,
the wave,
the star,
the bird,
the clock,
ask everything that flees,
everything that groans
or rolls
or sings,
everything that speaks,
ask what time it is;
and the wind,
the wave,
the star,
the bird,
the clock
will answer you:
"Time to get drunk!
Don't be martyred slaves of Time,
Get drunk!
Stay drunk!
On wine, virtue, poetry, whatever!"

-- Charles Baudelaire

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

32 oz. of cold fresh sex

Hey all of you out there in blogger land. I am here.

I've been here, but I've been in partial hiding because I suspect the mayor has put a price on my head. I think he's using the meter reader as his contract I've had to lay low. And I've been especially mindful to use limited amounts of electricity!

For now, I think the bulk of the danger has passed although I can't say for sure.

I'd like to, at least, chronicle some last beer ideas in case I don't make it through the rest of this month.

So I'm gonna let you into my world of sexy fantasy....(do not stop reading- keep reading).

-Well, just make sure you have your passport stamped and ready for pleasure town, because the Bus O' Lust has just pulled in and we're all going for a ride and won't stop until we reach Climax Point.

Here's the setting.

I was talking to the missus the other day; which is something I try to do from time to time or else she won't let me grope her; occasional groping of course- I am, in fact, a gentleman.

Anyhow, we were talking, and she started saying "I think your drinking is gettin'....blah, blah, blah, hey, nanni, nanni...gesundheit....blah, blah, blah."

And my mind wandered where it usually goes, which just happens to be the dirtiest alley in the city that is my brain. And the usual suspects were there. Bill Clinton, George Clinton, the nice girls from the website and I were about to play nude red rover-red rover, when all of a sudden I snapped out of it.

I thought to myself, 'Self, what the hell are you doing? This is perverse by even your standards- think of the one true love of your life. Don't be a disgusting bastard!'

And I was right about myself. I am a disgusting bastard. So, I turned away from that alley and found a more respectable avenue in the red light district of the city I call my mind, and who was there tastefully dressed heel to toe in lace and silk but the love of my life- Zooey Deschanel!

Now, I know what you're thinking.

"Tibbs, my man- don't be a jackass! What about America Ferrera?"

Well, 'what about her? She's so 2008.'

Zooey is my main affection now, at least where I have a complete say-so and fate has no intervening hand.

Like I was saying, Zooey Deschanel walks over to me with her bedroom eyes and whispers softly.

"You know Tibbi; I heard you're native American. Guess what? I'm a cowgirl and I am about to ride the savage out of you, you tasty bastard."

*side note- one time a cute girl once told me she would 'ride the savage out of me.'

She continued to say..."I love your beer belly, it makes me so hot; just like Louisiana Sausage in the summer."

And I know it seems gross, but for a fat guy like me, this is probably the sexiest thing someone can say to me. Of course, other than what she said to me next.

"I want to drink a delicious American craft beer, preferably a triple hopped India Pale Ale, out of your belly button- you sexy braumeister."

For you skeptics: leave me alone- this is my world of sexy fantasy and if a beautiful woman wants to drink beer out of one of my orifices or crevices, that sure as hell is between her and I- and I usually have a waiver form handy just in case.

And about the probability that a beautiful woman like Zooey Deschanel would want to engage in a hot session with a fat beer dude like me- let me just say this:

Read it and WEEP! I am totally in style now...what do you guys think about that!!!!

(Go ahead, glance it over...I'll wait.)

(Continue blog here)

Well, for once I am ahead of the physical trends...sure it's a recession, but we don't have to look like it, right? Amirite? (laughing)

Emaciated is so pre-Obama...tub is lub!!!! (just pretend 'lub' is 'love')

I'll spare you the dirty details of my sexy mind romp with Zooey Deschanel, and I'll get to the goods.


So, I'm onto my next point (cue segue).

Why don't we have beer in the bedroom? There's aspirin in the bathroom right? And most likely there's petroleum jelly in the night stand. For some it may be under the pillow. (Just saying)

People would have such a good time and enjoy their lives better if there was beer in the bedroom.

I don't mean a tailgate trough full of ice and brew. That would be tacky.

I am talking about a nice mahogany headboard- with about five taps of beer above resting heads. Waiting for the proper moment which, upon utilization, will bring ecstasy and sudsy love to whomever dare pour a pint of pleasure for himself and his love partner.

Or, on the flip could be used as a deterrent.

Don't want to have sex? Just reach above and pour a pint for your partner and watch as he/she delights in a proper alternative to lovemaking.

think about it- this could revolutionize the sex industry and bring a little sloppy excitement to mankind. No television, or books, or other propaganda- just bare essentials. Nude people, clean linen, and a delicious aphrodisiac.

( I know some people will say that beer is a sedative- which is true- but when you're drunk you want to have sex; who cares if its bad? Most people think they are great in bed while intoxicated- you know why? Because the person usually is intoxicated!)

Besides...a headboard full of cool tap handles is not only classy, but can be a creative decorative addition to any home...

Here comes the hard question.

"Tibbsy, what would you have on your headboard?"

Let's see...

I would have Cherish Kriek Lambic. A nice fruit Lambic rich with sticky cherry tartness and the right amount of carbonation to tickle anyone's fancy. Great brew foreplay...

Secondly, I would need Pink Killer from Belgian brewer- Silly. It's a delicious wheat based grapefruit beer. Aromatic as all erotic smell, with a lingering flavor that satisfies the palate and will turn anyone willing into a "Pink Killer" of his own. (if you know what I mean)

Thirdly, a beer from the folks at Dogfishead brewing get a choice spot on the sexy headboard of beer with their Imperial Pilsner, a delicious sharp, yet sweet style they have dubbed..."Golden Shower."- Alas, the beer is no longer called this due to gov't intervention, but I'm sure the tap handles are still around somewhere, and the beer surely didn't change I bet.

Fourth tap wold undoubtedly be from Flying Dog Brewery- a classic pale ale, aptly named for a classic sexy position- Doggie Style Pale Ale!!! That's right! Now you can drink you're favorite position presumebly whilst in such position. Nothing can be more gratifying, right?

And lastly, the money shot of beer- Climax brewing's Cream Ale....because nothing else looks better dripping from your partner's exhausted sweaty, sexy face...

(insert graphic photo here)

Well, that about wraps it up for my sexy beer idea...let me know what you think and what would be on your sexy headboard tap list.

And if you see my sexy Zooey Deschanel, tell her to take a number...I'll be right there as soon as I am done with the missus. 'Don't worry ladies, there's plenty of beer in this keg- if y'all know what I mean.'

By the way- this is Zooey, and just imagine I wrote the obvious Bang/Face joke....(go ahead and laugh- it's okay)

-Now if only I can get the missus to the Salon so we can get her dyed and "banged."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last night

"Brewing Hope" was an overall success. I don't have all the numbers yet, but I'll let everyone know once everything is in order.

Thanks to everyone- I'd like to elaborate, but I'm tired!

"It's a good thing."-Ron Faris.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We interupt this beer blog-

I really hate doing this, but I had a very interesting conversation (confrontation) tonight. I don't wish to divert attention away from our upcoming 'Garden Fire" fundraiser, but at the same time; this is too good to pass up.

So here's the story.

Picture this- I am awaiting the results of the city council meeting, so I am working the bar as to provide dba256 the opportunity to have representation at the meeting. People start coming back and the news is great. The DPOA has been re certified. Great!!!

Everybody starts drinking and celebrating and the usual suspects are about and everyone is relieved. A council member walks through the door and is all smiles, and a little later the honorable Mayor Rothman arrives.

This isn't a big deal, but I really was surprised to see him at dba256 because it is a rarity. I have seen him at other establishments though.

Anyhow, a celebrating member of the DPOA walks up with Rothman to the bar an requests a beer to be put on the tab for the mayor. A Dale Bros. Pacific Daylight is ordered.

So amid the busy transactions and between duties, our honorable mayor is poured and served his beer. I continue to fulfill orders and he walks away. Everybody is having a good time.

Everybody is hobnobbing and schmoozing and all of sudden an associate grabs my attention and requests that I make it over to the other end of the bar where Rothman awaits. OK- sure...

I make my way over there and inquire as to what is needed, in the event I am to pour more beer for these happy campers.

And this is the conversation that ensued.

Third Party: "Tibbi, I'd like you to meet the Mayor, Elliot Rothman. Mayor, this is Tibbi."

Honorable Mayor of Pomona: (extends hand)

The city's favorite bartender: (extends hand and shakes)

Honorable Mayor of Pomona: "You're the one that writes/blogs, right?"

The city's favorite bartender: "Yup, I hope there are no hard feelings. (laughs)"

Honorable Mayor of Pomona: (While still engaged in handshake) "You're a very funny guy."(Pauses and glares) "There are lots of hard feelings."

Third Party: (Jaw drops) "Uh, Tibbi- you two know each other? I am so sorry..."

Tibbi: "No, it's fine. Don't apologize."

Honorable Mayor of Pomona: "I am a face to face man. When I was young we had CB radios. You know CB radios? People would get on them and talk- People would hide behind electronics. I didn't like that."

The city's favorite bartender: "Sir, I do not create illusions. What you see is what you get, my name is there and my photograph is there. I do not hide behind anything. I am always here and available-everybody knows where I can be found"

Honorable Mayor of Pomona
: (Disengages handshake and ignores me as to walk away upset) "Well, (third party) I'll see you Wednesday." (Turns and walks away.)

What the hell? Really?

Did the mayor just attempt to cheap shot me while I was working and even serving him?

He knew damn well who I was when I served him his first, then second beer. My image is plastered everywhere and who can really not see me? I am a big fat bearded dude that always has a beer attached to my hand.

He picked a really shitty time to act so immature, seeing as we are all coming together as a community to help our own out. (Maybe city hall should take some notes)

He attempted to call me a coward and I am sure he was surprised by my reaction. Was I supposed to kneel before him and sob and beg his forgiveness because he's the mayor and that's that?

Is this fuckin' bizzaro world?

Look, I don't walk into city hall, open his office door while he's working and start boo-ing....but you know what? maybe I should....

Isn't there some city business to attend to? Maybe he doesn't have anything else better to do but to harass people while they are working, but I have much better things to do-

Like what you ask?

Like serve people tasty brew and promote our upcoming FUNDRAISER!!!!

I sure hope the mayor intends on making up for this debacle at the fundraiser by ponying up some funds and being mature. He wants to be face to face? Let him be face to face, with his wallet and an apology. He should help those in need and put aside his petty grievances. He's supposed to be a leader- not a crybaby.

He answers to us. He answers to me. He is my servant, so he should be getting me a beer and making me happy, not trying to throw his weight around because his itty bitty feelings are hurt.


Come to think of it, I haven't said all that much about him. I've seen him in bars- drunk. I've seem him do plenty of things. It's time for him to stop pretending and to be accountable for his own actions. -I am. That's why my name is on my blog. That's why my contact info is on the blog. And that's why I stand by what I say!!!!

If he doesn't like it, I am sure there are plenty of other jobs he can do.

But, for him to accost me while I am working with the intent of insulting me; a constituent- that's just a pussy thing to do.

I am a native Pomonan. I am the eighth generation to live in Pomona. My family predates Pomona as a city and goes back to original land grant given to my great, great, great, great grandfather Don Ricardo Vejar. You know Vejar elementary? How about Vejar street? That's my family. We are indigenous (practially and literally) and I'll be dammned if some jerk is gonna come into my city and mess things up because he feels entitled to- and if he does- I am sure as hell not gonna be quiet about it, nor am I going to allow him to treat me as if I was some second class citizen.

Get some class- and oh...get me fuckin' beer while you're at it....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brewing HOPE!

Beer can do a lot of things.

Well, I am a big fan of making beer solve any problem. And, the fires are no exception. I am organizing a Beer Fundraiser for those displaced by the 'Garden Fire."

I call it "Brewing Hope" and I plan on making people happy with beer and using the proceeds from that beer to bring about the necessary recourse for those involved in our local tragedy.

I remember meeting Fred last fall during his campaign. We drank some beers and talked about beer a little and he always remembered who I was- which is nice. Anyhow, he was a nice dude and I remember the time when he brought a torn out ad from a magazine to the bar. The ad was for Stella Artois- and it displayed the proper technique for pouring the beer. It made a decent impression on me, despite hating the beer.

Anyhow, I believe in the Van Allen philosophy as applied to gardenstuff and whatnot; it coincides directly to my philosophy on beer. Pure, organic, and beautiful. I get it. And they got it. And now I'd like to see them get it all back again, of course, alongside the rest of those displaced. I want life to be returned back to normal so we can all have a beer and feel all the better for having grown a little more in these trying times.

If anyone would like to help- contact me

The poster has all the information and we will be setting up a box for collection of toiletries, supplies, clothing and whatever else seems useful to those that need it. We will be selling beer donated by Dale Bros for donations to be directly given to the needy.

I might have some special tricks up my sleeve as well. Please come by and show your support. We're not celebrating, but we are reinforcing the human spirit with a little brew to ease our own worries and to soothe the day's hurries.

Cheers!!!! Please come by.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sunday Beer Tasting

Come by tomorrow at five for Sunday School!!!

The class will be an introduction to INDIA PALE ALES (my favorite style)

I promise to keep it simple and not bombard your palate with too much hoppiness.

Citrusy, bitter delight for your tongue and the tonuge in your mind.

So come by and allow me to anoint your soul with tasty brew.


Sunday, June 21, 2009


I have been hard at work lately.

I have been working on expanding distributorship of Hangar24's beers to the west of the San Bernadino county line. I am awaiting exact details, but if I have done my job right, I have two on premise/off premise venues and one off premise venue poised to start selling Hangar24 Orange Wheat and Pale Ale.

And there may be some delicious keg Hangar24 IPA on it's way to a tap near us too.

Just sitting and waiting to quench my thirst with some tasty brews just a little further than nearby...stay tuned.

Hopefully the folks over at Hangar24 will help us all out with a little brewed sunshine....

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Here's an important question for man and woman alike, despite creed, color, or [insert additional retoric here].

What would Jesus drink?

The answer lies in another question; what did Jesus drink?

The Bible tells us wine dominated the ancient scene. Prostitutes, tax collectors, kings, disciples, and Jews alike all seemed to drink wine with everything and for any and every reason.

But history shows us throughout ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt among other places (around 9,000 years ago) favored fermented beverages based in grain (beer!!!).

Am I really to believe such deep and strong roots in brewing beer just disappeared in favor of wine; or is this just another papal cover up?

Well, you know what?

It is the biggest fuckin' papal cover up of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe (emphasis on the faith aspect) that Christ was totally drinking beer with the disciples and healing the sick all while under a cool buzz.

Think about it- 12 dudes....and no beer?

It wasn't girls night out. (if you know what I mean) Of course there was beer!!! There was bread wasn't there? Bread and beer not only taste delicious together, but guess what? They use the same ingredients! Coincidence? Fuck no.

What are the chances people would finish making bread and say, 'Hey that was hard work- I'm thirsty; I'm gonna ignore this spare grain and go harvest some grapes and make myself even more tired. Not to mention, I'm gonna end up dying my feet and lips purple too....'

People may have been smaller, but they weren't idiots. (not that wine drinkers are)

The Church must've got a good deal on some contract wine production. And with this they created the whole 'This is my blood; not really but it's wine, so enjoy it. But don't enjoy oral sex.'

(Oral sex+ beer= heaven; that's just mathematics....)

So, the papacy just started the whole wine thing and never looked back. They did some biblical editing and the truth is lost forever to the passage of time.

But luckily for us all; I am pretty good at guessing.

I think Jesus drank tons of beer. And I am willing to bet he drank a spiced ale rich in dark fruit flavors,sweetened with honey, emblazoned with grains of paradise and exotic spices (maybe cardamon) but refreshing in the daunting heat of being in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. No way you can sustain yourself throughout the fertile crescent with Chardonnay in tow. And if it's Manischevitz- you're not going anywhere to preach. (you'll most likely be puking your brains out because you never should have paired the red with fish from the red sea!)

If Jesus were to take me home with him soon, I'd bet he hang around with me a little and have a beer tasting.

And this is what I would pour him.

Russian River brewing Temptation: a beautiful golden ale aged in chardonnay barrels- it exhibits a mild spicyness and great carbonation that bubbles thick fruitiness and crisp bitterness

Alesmith Horny Devil- This is a Belgian style strong ale from a San Diego brewing powerhouse!!!! It has evident coriander notes that bounce upon signature Belgian sweetness. But it's not puny by any means. It's a big beer for people that like to sin, just so they can be "forgiven."

Smaltz brewing H'ebrew Messiah Bold- I bet Jesus would love this brown ale...nutty and yet sweet.

And lastly a beer from Canada...

Le Saint-Bock Brasserie Artisanale crucifixion- a pale bock that for no apparent reason is called crucifixtion. I couldn't find a label photo-

Overall, I think Jesus would enjoy these beers, and would then say, "My son, what beer would you like to drink for all eternity?"

And I would say.

Jesus Christ, I'll take nothing less than the divine holy trinity of beers....

Russian river Blind PIG IPA, Russian River Pliny the Elder Double IPA, and Russian River Pliny the Younger Triple IPA

And now for a beer blessing...

Bene+dic, Domine, creaturam istam cerevisae, quam ex adipe frumenti producere dignatus es: ut sit remedium salutare humano generi: et praesta per invocationem nominis tui sancti, ut, quicumque ex ea biberint, sanitatem corporis, et animae tutelam percipiant. Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

Bless, O Lord, this creature beer, that Thou hast been pleased to bring forth from the sweetness of the grain: that it might be a salutary remedy for the human race: and grant by the invocation of Thy holy name, that, whosoever drinks of it may obtain health of body and a sure safeguard for the soul. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Humpday Sunday recap....

Thanks John Clifford for poking me in the ribs as a means to get me to post more.

Anyhow, Sunday's tasting was great. We had the largest turnout thus far for my beer tasting. I'd say it was close to 20 people. Doesn't seem like much, but it is once you consider my format is much different from dba's conventional wine tasting format.

Well, as promised- there were stouts. Here is some of the information covered in Sunday's class.

Well, stouts originated in Britain of course. But the original term referred to Porters- more precisely; porters stronger in alcohol content. This was the application of the literal term "stout."

At this time, stout referred to any strong ale, but being more commonly used to differentiate between variations of porter as offered by any singular brewery. SO, brewery A could be brewing pale ale, golden ale, porter, and stout porter. There may be two porters with differing strengths- thus necessitating an adjective of "stout."

But what does it mean now?

I'm glad you asked. Today, stouts apart from the traditional dry Irish stouts, and cream/milk stouts are different from porters in the dominating aspect of malt differences. Stouts usually are higher gravity and have more roasted malt flavor.

There are porters with smoked and roasted malt, but more often than not, they simply contain dark malts, as opposed to treated malts...

to go along with the beers, I thought we needed some blueberries and black licorice. And you know what?

It worked perfectly- the bit of acidity form the berries and the deep flavor from the black licorice helped provoke some of the more tasty nuances of the brews...

Our first beer in our taste lineup was Beamish Irish Dry Stout

Beamish exhibited a very light body with creaminess and a touch of coffee. Pretty standard.

Our second beer was Guinness

Guinness is's a little roasty and a little thicker, but it's not some huge beer like college kids think it has less calories than the equivalent glass of skim milk!!!!

Our third beer was Sierra Nevada Stout

Now this beer, was moderate in mouthfeel, nice and roasty with this little twinge of sweetness right before a decent dryish finish. This is what a stout is supposed to be from an unlikely place. I bet most of you thought Sierra Nevada only made Pale Ales!!!!

Now, our fourth stout was the delicious Goose Island Bourbon County Stout

This beer pours like motor oil, smells like soy sauce and has the most beautiful dark fruit flavors blanketed in smoky earthiness. Like eating the remnants from an orchard fire started by burning chocolate.

If you see this beer, buy it, and enjoy it. Put it in a glass with some vanilla bean ice cream....

SGV Tribune came by and took photos of the tasting!!! My Cele-brew-ty status is growing, but my only concern is why SGV trib is hip to me, but the Bulletin hasn't given me the time of day!!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SUNDAY JUNE 7th !!!!!!!

I will be holding beer tasting at 5pm.

The theme of this tasting will be STOUTS!!!!


Just imagine bobbing for chocolate truffles floating in a mocha filled oak barrel!!!!

It's gonna be just like that! And if anyone wears a Guinness shirt, he/she will be punched.

This isn't your English Silly Nanny- type of beer tasting. We going to get down to the nitty gritty....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Get out of the way MAY!!!!

I cannot wait for June.


Well, quite frankly, May has been lackluster. June brings my beer tasting, the focus of which will be STOUTS!!! Yes, awesomely bodied and tasty stouts.

I am making myself vow to launch the podcast I have been threatening people with the past month. I am currently in talks with the fine people at Walnut Liquorette for further cooperation and possibly a business deal that will benefit all (consumer, retailer, and advocate being myself).

I also hope June will have some good news for me on the employment front as well.

I have been with dba256 for a year now, and I would like to invite any and all to every Sunday in the month of June for some recaps in the year of beer. (I promise to have some celebratory goodies as well)

Maybe I'll get a raise.

(stop giggling; it could happen....)

Thanks to everybody around, and please make June your month to refresh your soul with some tasty ales.

Like what you ask?

Mirror Mirror from Deschutes brewing- a bond street series ale (premium) that builds off of the legendary Mirror Pond Pale Ale to commemorate awesomeness.

Allagash Hugh Malone- The best unimposing Belgian Style IPA

Cantillion Iris- the best sour beer for my money right now....

Rodenbach Flanders- The epitome of sour red ales...

And thanks to all that came by and enjoyed some Fruit Lambics with us during our last tasting. I hope you all learned something, and I appreciate your dedication to the learning of all that is scholarly drinking.

For those of you that missed- damn should have been there...the more the merrier...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beer Tasting revision

Beer Tasting will be on May 17th- not the 10th.

We have pushed the day back due to advertising timing. Now, I have more time to make it even better.

See you all there...everybody.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Beer Tasting

Beer Tasting has been quite slow since the start of the new year. With less discretionary income, it's no wonder.

We have revamped the program and will be holding a larger, more in depth tasting once a month at dba256.

The first of these new classes will be MAY 10th- and our attention will be on LAMBICS!!!


-In other news, I am working on putting a podcast together.

The format will consist of beer tasting and I will include a list of beers for each program. In theory, you will be able to download the podcast and buy the beers, and listen along in the comfort of your own choosing as we drink along thanks to technological advancements.

The beers will be easy to acquire, and I hope to partner up with a couple of retailers so as to assist everyone involved. I will try to make these "podcast tastings," as budget friendly as possible, and I am open to having people come on the programs to assist during recording sessions. Email me or comment with any reactions

let's all go- seriously- who wants to come with us?

Spring's finest brew

Dale Bros. Dude of York-

Nicely hopped refreshing brew...find it; and drink it all.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday, the day of my soul's renewal...

Well, yesterday was awesome. I went to the premiere of Beer Wars at UCLA. As I described in my previous post, it is an awesome one of a kind beer event. The city's favorite bartender even had the opportunity to get more than he bargained for thanks to the folks at Stone (thanks Scott).

My day started with a trek to Westwood for a small gathering (about 25 people) at Westwood Tavern at about 11 in the morning.

Once there, we assessed the bar's beer selection and deemed it "passable."

Greg Koch, walked up to us to say hello, and upon seeing me, he said. "Hey I know you."

If you look at my Stone Winter Storm post, there is a photo of him and I, and the missus, of course.

He remembered, me- I guess...this beer expert sticks out like a sore thumb...(obviously)

We went into a smaller private bar section at this nice contemporary facility and seated ourselves.
Greg Koch, founder of Stone Brewing, and Sam Cagalione, of Dogfishead Brewing, were there to speak to us "insiders," about where the industry is going and where we stand in the industry and category. This was a group of die hard beer lovers all brought together through the three tier system of beer.

Anyhow, we tasted some delicious beers and went over some light numbers, and business philosophies.

Dogfishead 60 minute IPA, Midas Touch, and Palo Santo Marron, and Stone Arrogant Bastard.

It was cool to get a chance to talk with these guys being they are both from amazing breweries situated on different coastlines. Stone being from Escondido, and Dogfishead from Delaware.

Of course, Sam is a very handsome and charismatic man, and the missus now has a crush on him. Honestly, I don't blame her...

Here's me and the boys with Sam in the middle...

I asked the pair of beer heroes a very important question.

"How long before we see a collaboration ale between Dogfishead and Stone?"

Sam assured me, I'd see one between Victory, Stone, and Dogfishead by 2010- So, you guys heard it here first folks. It's gonna be awesome when it gets here...I am sure of it.

After the discussion, there was more beer to be had and yet time to kill before the movie showing. So we ventured to Father's Office, but unfortunately it was closed. So we scrambled to Jerry's deli in Westwood to be more strategically placed for the upcoming Beer Wars showing at Royce Hall. The beer list sucked there, so my buzz had a chance to wear off....

Too bad.

My friends, the missus and I, ate and high tailed it to UCLAs campus. For those of you not familiar with the campus. It is beautiful. Only one drawback.

There are these big fat steps up a hillside toward Royce Hall...I hate stairs. They are a fat guy's worst enemy, especially when you are as short as I am. I am 5'6" yet my inseam is literally 21 1/2"- you do the math and figure how the hell it's possible, but it's true. My tailor is used to it by now, but it still boggles my mind.

We got to Royce Hall, and once I adjusted to the high altitude,(insert more jokes here) we got out tickets since I was on the VIP list. (insert more obnoxious words)

And we waited. I saw the dude from the legendary Stuffed Sandwich in San Gabriel. The same guy that poisoned me with his super hot hot link sandwich. He was so sweet to the missus, but he poisoned me and scoffed at my beer exploits, but I still love the dude. He's a true beer snob.

I also saw the Chimay rep whom served us at the Back Abbey's Chimay Anniversary Dinner. It was a who's who of the regional beer industry. And I felt right at home.

We viewed the movie and then remained for the Q and A portion moderated by, none other than, Ben Stein. Sam, Greg, Historian Maureen Ogle (whose book I am currently reading), Anat Baron, and Co-founder of Sam Adams were all there for beer discussion.

Wait- the dude from Beer Advocate was there too...

I won't give away the movie's details, but it was an interesting insight into the beer industry. Fresh perspective were abound and it wasn't some pumped up testosterone fest. It was a clear messaged movie about a few people and how things add up in the bigger scheme of things.

We attended the VIP reception afterward, had some more free beer, and some tasty ribs along with some finger foods, and made the way back home, it was great day, and I felt like a born again Virgin having just lost his secondary virginity to beer...

This is what I want to do with my life. The answer is beer, all I have to do is figure out "how."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let me fill you guys in....

Since my last post, I've been pretty slow with my beer adventures, but the missus and I did happen to drive up to Big Bear Mountain Brewing for a session.

On Tuesdays they serve two dollar pints, two dollar pastrami sandwiches, and two dollar chili dogs!!!


The Little beaver IPA was pleasant, and their Orange Blossom Ale was the most amazing beer to have ever incorporated orange into the mix.

Try them, they're nice people and it's a one of a kind trip.

In other news, I was paid a huge compliment on Sunday by John, the owner of Back Abbey in Claremont.

He told me he was glad I do what I do. And i feel likewise toward his pursuits.

The beer community is amazing. And at times like these, I can't help but be glad I finally have found my niche.

On that note..check out

Playing in theatres tomorrow is a one of a kind beer event. Check it out at a theatre near you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I've noticed how the Belgian beer market has skyrocketed recently. I must admit I enjoy Belgian beers moreso than other international beers excluding English/Scott/Irish styles.

I love the Back Abbey in Claremont,and Lucky Baldwin's in Pasadena.

I appreciate flemish styles mostly, and Belgian strong ales are some of the best brewed beers- period.

But I must say, I see this craze as very "trendy."

I hear dudes walk around and say foolish things like, "Dude, Delirium Tremens is the best beer- ever." and "Chimay Blue is the only beer I drink."


Please, NO>>>

There is a world of beer out there and I have to say, there are tons of similar Belgian Styles being brewed home-side.

Never, ever, ever cling to such cliches and narrow your beer vision. It's alright to fancy a particular style or even brewer, but drink everything with the hopes of finding the perfect pint somewhere along the way.

While only a few real Belgian beers appear localy, and even less so, trappist beers, a few craft options are available.

These beers are delicious and even better than their Belgian counterparts

Ommegang Abbey Ale- a dubbel abbey ale (think Belgian style brown)

Ommegang Three Philosophers- (strong ale flavored with cherry juice)

North Coast Thelonius Monk- (abbey ale)

North Coast Le Merle- (Saison; which is a French Style farmhouse ale)

Lagunitas Sonoma Series Hop Stoopid (Saison/Belgian IPA hybrid)

Lagunitas Sonoma Farmhouse Style Saison (Saison)

Greenflash LeFreak (Belgian Style IPA)

New Belgium La Folie (Flanders' style Red)

Monday, March 16, 2009


Come by this Sunday. Let's make up for time lost with a little beer history and merriment!!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


There's a movement to keep big breweries dominant in industry categories by attempting to fool the public into thinking some of their products are comparable to microbrew/craft beer.

Somebody out there even tried to chop heads with me on the subject by calling my belief in microbrew over big brew "ignorant."


Really, big breweries are the victims here? Does that guy really think so?

For the sake of humanity as animals with some kind of ability to discern- I hope not.

I've been reading about the history of beer in America- note my previous post...

And I can tell you, despite the pre-industrial revolution roots in beer being produced in America- what we have left from those founding breweries rarely resembles the beer that overflows the shelves in the market.

"How did this happen Tibbi?"

Well, it's not so much "how," but "why?"

Prohibition didn't just kill the market, but it created back pressure. Pressure that was alleviated when the 21 Amendment was passed.

Brewers were back in business, but in order to profit and regain, they had to churn out large, large quantities of beer. And they started cutting corners. No longer were these beers the nutritional wholesome lagers and bock brewed by German immigrant hands- these were industrialized poor excuses for use of water, that would continue to be handed to the masses who would've drank horse piss if it came in a bottle.

Prohibition had starved the thirsty and these same desperate people became vulnerable to whatever marketing and products produced thereafter...almost as a way of staving off any reappearance of prohibition ever again....

Many microbrewers have sought out old recipes and now produce beers that were reminiscent of beers brewed prior to prohibition.

One of these beers was Session Lager from Full Sail brewing in Oregon. It is a pilsner/lager and it tastes as early American beer once did....

So, now that it's clear the big breweries have been up to this fleecing for some time, why continue to back them up?

especially when breweries like Budweiser belongs to InBev...

the profits generated from the sale of their beers don't stay stateside like they used to anymore, now the Great American Lager works for Europe...


Anyhow, support your local breweries and keep the money going to people who work here and hard for it. You're going to get better beer out of it anyway...


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Aladdin Jr. II

Aladdin Jr. II will be opening its doors Tuesday March 10. Go by and see them, and sample the delicious offerings.

I will be meeting up with the folks over there to consult possiblities for beer offerings.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Suggested Reading

This is what I started reading today- the missus went to the bookstore and didin't forget about me while out and about.

Emphasis on food pairing-

What are your all time favorite beer/food pairings?

When I was younger, I wasn't able to drink beer as I ate food. (Of course, the beer was sub par then)

Now, I can't imagine food without a nice complementing beverage.

What do you guys say?

I think my favorite beer pairing is Spicy Lamb Korma and a nice Old Monk 10,000 Indian Lager.

Spring is coming

Be sure to watch out for spring seasonals to be released by various breweries.

Witbiers are especially popular around this time, as are bocks, lagers, and even pale ales.

As the weather starts warming up a bit, be sure to look for new labels and beer selections

Be sure to stay away from Rising Moon (Coors' Blue Moon Spring Seasonal), and Hop Hound (A-B fake spring beer),

Is anyone else out there tired of fake craft beer from the big breweries?

Here's a list of beers that fit such category and should be abstained from.

Wild Blue (A-B fake Blueberry Ale)
Shock Top (A-B fake Belgian White Ale)
Hop Hound (A-B fake Mystery Beer)
Sun Dog (A-B fake Summer Lager)
Anything with "Moon" on the label (Variety of Coors fake Belgian Inspired Beers)

4,079 Hits

How's them apples?


One 22oz. Bottle of 2nd Anniversary IPA (Port Brewing)

One 22oz. Bottle of Hop-15 (Port Brewing)

One 22oz. Bottle of IPA (Marin Brewing)

One 12oz Bottle of Yuengling Black & Tan

All three Back to Future Movies


I am going out of my mind- stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Word of the Night- DISAPPOINTMENT

Okay, well today seemed like it was off to a good start. The missus and I had lunch with a couple of friends at Lucille's BBQ. I am not one for chain restaurants, but this is a jewel- (Sweet Tea, Tri-Tip, and Hot Links, fuckin' delicious)

Anyhow, after falling ill to the "Itis," we left for Hollywood. The missus got tickets to see RENT, which she had to see for one of her classes at school. I wasn't keen on it from the beginning and made several attempts to pawn this duty off on her mother, but to no avail. Well, what's a great boyfriend like me to do?

I slept in the car most of the way, and when I awoke, I found myself quite thirsty. I had been looking at watering holes around the area in preparation, and i had my eye on Bowery.

I have to research watering holes because I don't trust LA/Hollywood to have enough sense to get the beer I like to drink (with a few exceptions).

In fact, I think Martinis are still popular there anyhow. (spits)

Well, Bowery is listed as a Gastropub with a New York theme. (Hence its name)

And gastropubs are supposed to be venues with good food and good drink, which normally entails craft beer.

Here was Bowery's Beer list

Stone IPA
Ommegang Three Philosophers
Lost Abbey (which was out)
Chimay Red
Pabst Blue Ribbon


I had a couple of Stone IPAs and wondered how a business can claim to be a gastropub when it fails to have a core element. And if that wasn't enough, the place had a full bar, yet no draft system. Their selections were all bottled. Something is wrong here and I don't understand why I don't have a job ensuring these things don't happen.

(sighs) The life of a blogger.

We left Bowery to its shabby wannabe elite. We went to the Pantages, parked the car, then found our seats. We were in the upper Mezzanine (great, right?).

Well, fuck that place.

I am a fat guy. You know what fat guys hate?

Stairs. People filled rows with narrow passage, and worst of all- small old narrow theater seats.

And the show hadn't started yet.

Well, maybe I already had a preconceived notion about this Rock Opera, but nonetheless, it was confirmed.

It sucked. I have to be honest. I couldn't connect with the characters, the plot got a bit unbelievable, and I found it to be a little "dated". None of the intended humor was all the relevant or accessible.

I think this thing was hyped up by its creator's death before release.

Now, I know what you guys are thinking. "Tibbi, you're just insensitive to the gay/artistic/AIDS cause(s)."

To you I say, "I am a straight writer who used to be constantly mistaken for a sensitive homosexual. I have a gay brother. And my best friend in high school was gay, even though I didn't find out until post graduation, which made all of the previous sleepovers kinda awkward in retrospect."

In other words, "I get it."

It was missing some things. I wanted Mimi to die. I didn't understand why she didn't.

Isn't this supposed to be a modern version of La Boheme?

I wanted something less preoccupied with Angel's flamboyancy in favor of character development in his essence. Angel's character and message were fine, but toward the end, the constant references to Angel show how little writing was done to keep the audience in tune with him so that they themselves would mentally reference Angel instead of the cast.


When I came home I flipped on the boob tube to finally not be disappointed- Rush's concert in Rio was playing on VH-1. (yes, I watch VH-1, I am old- and MTV is stupid.)

Temples of Syrinx!!!! YES!!!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Meg and K!!!!!

Melissa (the missus) and I have decided that K reminds us of Brian Posehn. He's a comedian and a character on the Sarah Silverman Program. (in case you don't know, but you guys should be hip to that just the same)

It's not an insult, but a compliment, does K get this alot? (or ever?)

check it out, but K is much less sloppy and old looking

just the same, it's awesome!!!

C'mon guys, come have a good time this Sunday at 5pm

Thursday, February 26, 2009

In this economy, fun is still abound

My friend Renee is always trying to challenge me. She once tried to eat more buffalo wings than me. We tied.

But this time, we chose something sinister, and easily calcuable. McDonald's Chicken Mc Nuggets. (one of my favorite foods)

(You may take a break from reading to throw up)


I won.

50 Chicken Nuggets to her 32.

Men are just better at eating. It's science.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today, in beer......

Today was most excellent, seeing as I met a new fellow blogger, ran into the always gracious and graceful, Meg and K, and was the very first person to buy the new Shameless McDale Irish Red Ale....from Dale Bros. at the Press' release party...

And did I mention I drank the Press out of Stone IPA during this all?

Well, I did.....

I talked to Andy Dale, and he told me the next batch has some changes for the better and I can't wait to taste the newer Irish Red Ale, with a more full bodied weight to help balance the very malty profile with mild hop presence and somewhat astrigent and bitter mouthfeel from said malt stance.

I can't wait for Korean BBQ!!! (Meg, and K!!!)

The best part of the night was the point at which Meg flipped me off in front of my girlfriend....

Check out the new blog....

and check out The new beer at a local bar near you

Shameless McDale Irish red.... from our friends at Dale Bros Brewing!!!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Drinking Songs

Whenever, I walk into a new watering hole I start taking mental notes and scoring the venue on many factors, including beer selection and ambience. I love dark bars, and if you walk into dba on my night, I usually have the lights turned low. One other thing I love is ambience created by music.

Blues is usually blaring when I tend bar. I've always had a romantic view of dark bars with booze and blues. Earlier in my youth, I was best described as a bourbon drinking blues listener. Some things have changed. I still love bourbon. I still love blues. Only thing that's changed is how much bluer I've gotten as I've aged. A woman once told me, "When I look at your face, you look young, but your eyes have an old soul."

Well, a heritage of heroin and pain will do that to a person.

Not to get too dark though.

Let's talk about great drinking songs. Please feel free to post your favorite drinking songs.

Research my choices if they seem foreign to you, and if all else fails, come into the bar and you'll probably hear some of the selections.

Here we go;

Whispered Words by Dan Auerbach from his new album Keep it Hid

Ain't nobody's business by Jimmy Witherspoon it can be found on numerous Witherspoon records and compilations

here's Jimmy

Any song from any album by the Black Keys; Big Come Up, Thickfreakness, Rubber Factory, Magic Potion, Chulahoma, Strange Times

Any song
from Grand Ole Party's new album Humanimals

here's a glimpse of one of my favorite tracks from that album

Maggot Brain by Funkadelic from Maggot Brain

the maggot brain

Any Song by the Animals

I hate to use this video, but it's still one of my favorites although their music catalogue is full of great songs

Mannish Boy by Muddy Waters

There are more songs, but let's see what you guys can come up with...after listening to some of these I have to go grab something to drink while i do this...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Change of PLANS!

At first, as winter approached, I was more than happy to sample porters, stouts, and spiced ales. But winter never really came.

85 degrees outside isn't exactly a good reason to go to the fridge and grab an Imperial Stout.

So, I've been forced to drink outside seasonality in forward vision toward Spring.

What beers does spring bring might you ask?

Here's the list of things to grab/drink as the weather maintains a beautiful constant.

DESCHUTES Cinder Cone Red- Nice moderate red ale without the excessive caramel/scotch flavors you'd find in other beers of this style. Crisp and hop/dry finish. Perfect for evening drinking.

PORT BREWING Panzer Imperial Pilsner- Not many breweries bother with pilsners, especially imperial style (twice the pilsner). Thank God for Port. This nicely refreshing beer has a strange candy cane sugar finish. This beer drinks like a bright sunny day, but in a very satisfying way.

ALBA Scottish Pine Ale- This beer is brewed with spruce and pine shoots- it has this super floral scent and tase with earthy tones giving the palate superior satisfaction. Rare find. But worth it all....

MAUI BREWING Bikini Blond Lager- This is by far one of the best blondes around. Light and refreshing, but not watery- some hop traces but without astringency.

HANGAR 24 Orange Wheat- This could be one of the only wheat beers I'd ever crave. Wheat beers are great candidates for additional flavoring- (Seadog Blueberry Wheat, Sam Adams Cherry Wheat)- This beer is very clean tasting with rind, but moreso blossom presence.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!

The city's favorite bartender has an interview with Hangar 24 brewing in Redlands.

Please keep your fingers crossed, as I attempt to spread my wings in the industry I love most. My interview is February 10th.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

STONE- alot of things went wrong, but alot of things went right!

Well, today was fun. I took my 3 litre growler to Stone with the hopes I would be able to fill it up with 10th anniversary IPA. (that last of which was available for growler fills- period)

No dice. And I was angry about it. They ran out, but I HAD THE 3 LITRE SPECIALTY GROWLER MARKED FOR 10TH ANNIVERSARY IPA!!!! Other plain growlers were being filled with it, and it wasn't fair to me.
C'est la vie.

Anyhow, my next move was to grab a table and you know what?


The tables were all reserved, so we hung out on a balcony and drank some beer waiting for a slight opportunity of accomodation. I wasn't happy, but I relaxed as I saw my friends enjoying themselves.

While standing around and talking and drinking, something cool happened.
A dude came by to tell us "Stonewall" was being poured.


Never heard of it, so I sent the missus to investigate. She brought back two four ounce glasses back, having paid 7 bucks for each. (It was all for charity.)

It tasted like a mix of beers, with definate caramel notes. The missus then informed me Greg Koch himself was pouring the beer and that I should go talk to him.

The funny part is, that I was hesitant because after the beer I had, I wasn't sure if I could hold up a conversation with Stone brewing's CEO and founder. I went over anyhow after mustering up some courage. It's not everyday you meet your hero. I found out the beer we just drank (Stonewall) was the product of an original charity project at the dedication of Stone's new facility. The story is that stones in a stone wall that was built were dedicated for the sake of charity. A friend to Greg and a charitable contributor was given a three litre bottle of "Stonewall," as a commemoration of this all. In short, she kept the bottle in her fridge for years, until bringing it to Stone today as a celebratory gesture. And I was one of the few people that had a chance to taste it. I took a picture with Greg to remember the moment.

After talking to Greg, the missus and I went to fill my other three growlers and look into getting a table once more.

After stating my case and pointing out some things, the hostess was able to give us a table almost immediately. And we were all you can see in the photo below.

The beers of the day;

Stone 2003 Old Guardian Barleywine
Stone 2004 Double Bastard Ale
Hitachino Nest Beer Aged in Sake Barrels
Hitachino espresso Stout
Bruery Saison Rue
Cantillon Gueze aged in Bourbon Barrels
Brassierie DuPont Avril Bier de Table

Saturday, January 24, 2009

-thanks Juan and Susie for my poster...

No SUNDAY SCHOOL tomorrow!

There will be no Sunday School, as I will be at STONE brewery for STONE WINTER STORM!!!

I will be drinking rare vintages of Stone beer and enjoying the company of friends- of course, if you want to join us- all are welcome!!!!

Brother Tibbi is ready for beer already!!!!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The most offensive thing I have ever heard-

"Now, fellate me as I eat this expensive ham!"

Friday, January 16, 2009

Current IPA Count- 140

I've been keeping track, but I can't post full reviews of each, just my own blips on which IPAs recieved "Yays," or "Nays."

Pliny the Younger (Russian River)-awesome beer, it's very complex yet crisp and easy to go down, but you'll only want to sip it to make it last longer.

Hop 15 (Port Brewing)-very awesome layered hoppy flavors, moderate alcohol traces, good APV

Stone IPA- there are better IPAs, but then again there are not. great bouquet. great consistent taste and always welcome strong APV without tasting sour.

ACME IPA (North Coast Brewing)- good session IPA, not too strong, but not subtle...this is what you dirnk when you wake up in the morning with some toast and jam

Indica IPA (Lost Coast Brewing)- not too big a fan of this one. lost coast is awesome, but they use unconventional hop choices for this beer- even for california style IPA. it's okay. i prefer sunny delight and this is minute maid- nothing wrong with it, just not my preference.

Green Flash Imperial IPA- one of the best double IPAs- strong APV and good flavor, pretty robust.

Deschutes Inversion IPA-good session IPA

Bison Organic IPA-decently priced session 22oz IPA

Avery IPA-awesome citrusy IPA, one of the best regular IPAs

Maharaja Imperial IPA (Avery)-super awesome, top five IPAs, good APV

Sleighor Reaper Ale Double IPA- decent daily drinker, good price for a double-4 dollars

Medocino White Hawk IPA- eh, not tasty enough....

Pyramid Thunderhead IPA-weaksauce

Widmer Borken Halo IPA-weaksauce

Red Hook Longhammer IPA-weaksauce

Snake Dog IPA (Flying Dog)-it's alright, but i wouldn't take it to the moon with me

Hop Ottin' IPA (Anderson Valley)- dog's so highly recommended, but it's not that great

Hop Devil (Victory Brewing)-good, but in a different context, it's deeper like a cognac almost....

Hop Rod Rye (Bear Republic Brewing)- it's a good companion for sandwiches

Racer 5 IPA (Bear Republic Brewing)- always a good choice, crisp hoppy flavor

Sierra Nevada IPA- more tradional, severe alcohol trace with moderate APV

Alesmith IPA-very tasty, but has an almost menthalating alcohol footprint

Big Daddy IPA (Speakeasy)- very good basic IPA, pretty complex for a small beer

Double Daddy Double IPA (Speakeasy)- builds on basic IPA and blossoms nicely in the mouth

Full Sail IPA-eh, it sucks, even for a traditonal IPA

Wipeout IPA (Port Brewing)- ports IPAs are always good, but you can only drink one 22 oz. -you want to drink multiple port beers despite this- for some reason they just are consistently drinkable brews...

Nectar Ales IPA (Humboldt)- good session IPA california/tradional hybrid

Union Jack IPA (Firestone)- fucking aweseom IPA it's my plan B, next to Stone IPA- i recommend it highly

Rubicon IPA- decent session IPA

IPA (Blue Frog Brewing), eh...jumbled flavor, tastes like soda, not very balanced...

Hoptown IPA- session IPA...pretty good

Stone Ruination- do i have to tell you?

Sierra Nevada Celebration- good seasonal, this should be their year round offering...

Steelhead Double IPA (Mad River)- good session double....if that's possible

Ballast Point IPA- fuckin awesome. 7% very citrusy but also moderately malty simultaneously without being too brash like a rye IPA...good

Lagnitas IPA-pretty good. not as consistent as i'd like, but tastes good overall...

Coastal Fog IPA- great session IPA, very close in flavor to union jack...highly recommend it.....

Meantime IPA- expensive, but it gives you an idea of the basis for our modern socal IPAs...bitter without backup flavor, but good for it's raw nature...

Moylan's Hopsickle Triple Hoppy Ale- the name says's pretty good...close to Russian River...not as complex, but full throttle...

Moylan's IPA- english style...very good if you can get your hands on it...

Lagunias Maximus- awesome 2.99 double IPA- LAGUNITAS IS CHANGING MY EXPECTATIONS

Shipyard- fuggles IPA- fuggles...are a good bittering hop, but it lacks complexity and bouquet...

Greenflash West Coast IPA- lots of sediment, but it keeps the dick hard

Butte Creek Organic IPA- don't remember too much, changed labels...

Samuel Smith IPA- weak, but tasty, not enough hop bouquet nor bitterness...session IPA..

Left Coast Hop Juice- hop infused vagina flavor- awesomely sour!

Mission Brewing IPA- benchmark quality

Stone Belgian Style IPA- i must give it time to grow on me, yeasty hoppiness....

BJs Owen's IPA-pretty tasty, i underestimated it at first, but it's good....grab a growler of one at your local BJs....

Maui Brewing Company Big Swell IPA- it was in a can and it was delicious. aftertaste of pineapple and tasty hop traces.

Anchor Brewing Liberty Ale-session IPA....easy going down but obvious foot print...rides the line between APA and IPA in a good way....

Anderson Valley 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA-maltiness clouds any hop flavor- drinkable, but too drinkable for an imperial IPA

Grand Teton Brewing Sweetgrass IPA-too sweet and malty- good session, but shouldn't be mistaken for a hoppy beer....

Santa Cruz Ale Works IPA-awesome find- 2.99........close to Stone IPA in Bouquet and flavor....awesome

Brasseirie D'Achouffe Double Belgian IPA Trippel- yeasty flavor overiddes hoppiness...but delicous . just the same...

Port Brewing- 2nd Anniversary Ale- awesome...the best eight bucks you can spend on a bomber of tasty, complex hop juice...get it- it's rare around here and obviously a seasonal...

Drakes IPA- awesome...i can see how it won at the gabf

Victory Hop Wallop- good sweet, hoppy seasonal, very effervescent

Urthel Hop IT- it was good, better than other beligan IPAs. heres the twist. it's a dutch beer in the belgian style that tries to copy IPAs, but it's good.

Bear Republic Racer 'X'- never seen this before, hasn't been bottles in five years, but is occasionally available for draft. not my favorite- racer 5 is better

Avery/Russian River Collaboration, not litigation IPA- kinda good, not what i expected from these two breweries. maybe their brewing styles were working against each other instead of being complementary

Coronado Brewing Islander IPA- pretty decent ten easy...

Coronado Hoppy Beer Belgian IPA- the best Belgian IPA i've had...

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing IPA- not good. organics almost never have enough hops

He'brew Lenny's RIPA- double IPA with too much rye malt to be able to define itself as bittersweet or an IPA. not good. too thick

Stone 11th Anniversary Ale- the best RYE IPA....hops shine straight through with malty accents- the way it should be

Piraat Ale- it's a good trippel, but i don't taste enough hops, maybe it's the variety, but it oculd just be that danm belgian yeast

Dogfishhead 90 mintue IPA- very smooth and refined, deep like brandy, but hoppy. this is a beer i would move to the east coast for

Full Sail Prodigal Sun IPA- i never cared much for this brewery, but this was in fact a decent offereing. the only thing i would change would be the crappy finish, but it's a decent drinker other than that.

Russian River IPA- very drinkable, just the right amount of citrus flavor and balanced with hops.

Oskar Blues Gordon- really good, but uber expensive. it's a hybrid of an amber an a double's very malty and sweet, it's similar to a rye IPA but better

21st amendment brewery Brew Free or Die IPA- very well balanced, but still has hopped up edge. six pack of cans is 9 bucks- a steal compared to Maui breiwing big swell and oskar blues gordon

Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA- classic english beer. like a bitter but without the creaminess malt flavor...good show....

Left Coast Brewing Torrey Pines IPA- delicious pine laced citrusy IPA with good hop balance and clean finish

Hitachino Classic Ale- creamy session IPA in a good japanese way- domo arogatu!!!

Pliny the Elder double IPA by Russian River- delicious double IPA- quite possibly the best, so hoppy yet balanced, perfect hop choices and crisp aftertaste

Stone 10th Anniversary IPA- deliciously thick and complex with caramel, toffee and rye accents...too much almost

Hair of the Dog Blue Dot Double IPA- tastes like a san diego ipa, gloriously hopped up and full of IBUs, but tasty

St Peter's IPA- skunked, but still tasted smooth and mildly bitter, but not creamy like an esb

Burton India Empire Ale- this is where it all started- delicious lightly hopped pale, but with rocky taste (just like it's brother BASS)

Craftsman IPA- too creamy, but a good session

Craftsman Point 5 IPA- better, with more citrus peel accents

Big Sky IPA- delicious roasty malt flavors with awesome piercing bitterness shining through

Alaskan IPA- very bubbly, and soap sudsy type of head...but lacking in bitterness and complexity

Odell Brewing IPA- delicious tart bit right at the end...nice creamy head- decent balance with good bittering hop choice

Boulevard Double Wide IPA- great, no citrus here, more acidity but from an apple perspective- delightful

Alesmith Yulesmith- Christmas came early this year and it was delicious

Coronado Idiot IPA- signature coronado flavor...great

Port Brewing High Tide IPA (fresh hops)- warrior hops dominate this beer, but it is not super aromatic, but if you take a deep breath in while you sip the beer becomes so incredibly floral with tight accents of pine- goof fuckin' seasonal again PORT!!!

Lagunitas Sonoma Hop Stoopid- I don't think this beer has a lot of hops, but it rings in at 8.2% alcohol. It has a great balance of hops to malt and is hoppy in a very 'clean' sense. Tons of blackberry (believe it or not) with some citrus and light on the pine, but sharp on the malt tang. Good Show!!!!

Beer Valley Leafer Madness Double IPA- tastes too familiar to command such a high price- session double IPA

Moylan's Moylander Double IPA- pretty harsh, but good- very hoppy and effervescent

McEwan's IPA- Scottish style IPA- confusing at best- peat moss smoky, with little hop bite. Not sure what to think about this one

Deschutes Hop Trip Fresh Hop Ale- strange mossy flavor, not very citrusy or with most wet hop beers...very interesting brew.

Karl Straus Stargazer IPA- pretty decent session IPA, not too hoppy though, but decent enough

Russian River Blind Pig- do i have to tell you how great and smooth yet hoppy this beer is?

Flying Dog Double Dog Pale Ale- very good, a little too malty, but balanced

Port Brewing IPA- basic IPA but surprisingly creamy AND hoppy in a way only Port can be.

Stone 7th Anniversary IPA- mildly beautiful IPA, almost of Russian River smoothness...very surprising beer, almost too subtle to be Stone

Marin Brewing White Knuckle Double IPA- really solid malt bas to it, with a nice stinging op bitterness...

Bad Elf IPA- not good...

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA- very conservative IPA- but good just the same

Stone Sublimely Self Righteous Ale- Black IPA, awesome hop/malt balance....drinks like levitation but hoppier.

DogfishHead 120 minute IPA- do I really have to tell you? Surprisingly sweet, hop monster that drinks like a single malt whiskey/bourbon.

Mikkeler Stateside IPA- Scandanavian meets West Coast- efficient, modest IPA.

Southern Tier Imperial IPA- reminds me of Moylands- and that's a good thing

DogfishHead 60 minute IPA- duh!!!

Ballast Point Sculpin Limited release- awesome fruitness, but less citrus and more hard fruit- arpicot, but also nectarine like acidity- just the right amount of hops. Drinks like an herbal tea.

Hangar 24 IPA- very different IPA, kinda inky and citrusy acidic, very good, but not bold...decent drinker

Sierra Nevada Torpego Extra IPA- finally, an IPA from sierra nevada that tastes good...i recommend drinking it closer to room temperature...

Rogue XS Imperial IPA- i was very impressed with this crisp and bitter IPA, yellow snow didn't really do it for me, but this beer made up for it, quite nicely.

Bell's Hopslam- very sweet IPA, nice session, but not all that great for severe hop heads.

Three Floyds Dreadnaught IPA- this beer is best after it's warmed up a little and had a decent amount of orange zest. delicious.

Eel River IPA (organic)- sucks, pisswater flowing downstream.

Marin brewing IPA- not too bad, i underestimated marin brewing, but this has a green apple acidity to it. good job

Pike Brewing IPA- subtle session IPA...wouldn't care if i ever saw it again...

Avery Ale to the Chief- Avery put half New World IPA and half Maharaja in a bottle.

Karl Strauss Tower 10 IPA- way better than stargazer IPA. Very floral, but minimal bitterness...nice introductory IPA...and decent session beer.

BrewDog Hardcore IPA- best Scottish IPA. super subtle and floral with lemony zest.

Big Bear Mountain Brewing IPA- orange spiked IPA about 45 IBUs, but nicely crisp

Roots Organic Woody IPA- horrible syrupy malt flavor. didn't come close to being nice.

Lagunitas Underciver Investigation Shut down ale- I think this was supposed to be a "mild," but it is a damn fine double IPA at about 72-75 IBUs...awesome beer...

Lagunitas Kill Ugly Radio- lagunitas is easily the best consistent IPA maker on this coast.

Bootlegger's Rustic Rye IPA- Not a fan of Rye IPA- but this so nicely balanced with crisp bitterness...almost an impossible job. good beer

Alesmith Yulesmith (summer edition)- always a great ester filled hop bomb.

Lagunitas We're only in it for the money- each IPA lagunitas makes is slightly different yet always consistent in good taste.

Sam Adams Double IPA- homebrew contest winner that is chucked full of syrupy hop oiliness that is delightful

San Diego Hopnotic- hoppy, nicely bodied, citrus foamy hop bomb.

Port Brewing Trigger Hoppy- The best belgian style IPA.

Port Brewing Third Anniversary- 2nd anniversary was good. this one was smoother in texture and moderately thick.

Alpine Hoptical Illusion- weak session IPA- I thought Alpine would have something spectacular.but this isn't it.

Deschutes Red Chair IPA- sweet session. great bouquet and easy drinking.

Lagunitas Correction Ale 2009- beautiful mildy crisp ale.

ABita Jockamo IPA- horrible

Dogfishead Apri-hop- not big on fruit beers, but apricots and IPA go incredibly well together.

Ballast Point Dorado double IPA- tinges of rye hide in a hooped up brew that is incredibly sturdy and consistent throughout.

Allagash Hugh Malone- the best belgian style IPA- retains crispness without excessive sweetness, and a touch of bitterness. well played.

Deschutes Mirror Mirror- triple IPA/ Barleywine- based on the famous mirror pond pale that i love so much-brandy alcohol and earthy bitterness.

Mendocino Blue Heron- similar to an english bitter....but closer to a mild...

Had Indian food the other day and revisited the great beers of INDIA

for REN!!!!

Hair of the Dog makes one hell of a double IPA. THEY ARE AN AWESOME BREWERY FROM OREGON.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What I need right now...'s making my mouth water...hoppiness to equal happiness. I need a sedative, my head hurts.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

For Melissa....

I want to say I am sorry for all the times my barstool was more a lover to me than you. Times when I caressed the curves of my drinking glass with such a thirsty lust.
I remember the days when the only thing keeping my mind numb was the thought of you.
I could only give you so many drunken kisses, bubbly with blind hope.
-You could only take them for so long until realizing the hangovers to come.

And yet you stayed.
And yet you stayed.

I would try to keep from holding your hand for too long out of fear you'd leave me at someone else's doorstep, just as had been done before.

But you didn't.
But you didn't.

I want you to know that the answers you seek in your books are the answers I see in your eyes- even when they are glossed with tears caused by my own hopelessness...

This is my love story.
And to you I pledge my heart.
When I hold you, I feel the closest to closure. Alas, these stitches may never come out, but my heart will always function-

--function for you.
function for you.

At times it seems I wish for younger days. Days when the cold didn't seem quite so cold.
Truth is, I wish for younger days only so I could've better prepared myself for you.

You deserve more.
You deserve more.

I will do my best to make sure I live long enough to see this debt repaid, for I owe you all the love I am not meant to be afforded.

I will pay you back.
I will pay you back.