Thursday, February 12, 2009

Drinking Songs

Whenever, I walk into a new watering hole I start taking mental notes and scoring the venue on many factors, including beer selection and ambience. I love dark bars, and if you walk into dba on my night, I usually have the lights turned low. One other thing I love is ambience created by music.

Blues is usually blaring when I tend bar. I've always had a romantic view of dark bars with booze and blues. Earlier in my youth, I was best described as a bourbon drinking blues listener. Some things have changed. I still love bourbon. I still love blues. Only thing that's changed is how much bluer I've gotten as I've aged. A woman once told me, "When I look at your face, you look young, but your eyes have an old soul."

Well, a heritage of heroin and pain will do that to a person.

Not to get too dark though.

Let's talk about great drinking songs. Please feel free to post your favorite drinking songs.

Research my choices if they seem foreign to you, and if all else fails, come into the bar and you'll probably hear some of the selections.

Here we go;

Whispered Words by Dan Auerbach from his new album Keep it Hid

Ain't nobody's business by Jimmy Witherspoon it can be found on numerous Witherspoon records and compilations

here's Jimmy

Any song from any album by the Black Keys; Big Come Up, Thickfreakness, Rubber Factory, Magic Potion, Chulahoma, Strange Times

Any song
from Grand Ole Party's new album Humanimals

here's a glimpse of one of my favorite tracks from that album

Maggot Brain by Funkadelic from Maggot Brain

the maggot brain

Any Song by the Animals

I hate to use this video, but it's still one of my favorites although their music catalogue is full of great songs

Mannish Boy by Muddy Waters

There are more songs, but let's see what you guys can come up with...after listening to some of these I have to go grab something to drink while i do this...


Skrip said...

Favorite Drinking songs for myself:

I won't stand in your way - Stray Cats

L'America - The Doors

Girl Afraid - The Smiths

5 O'Clock Somewhere - Alan Jackson

Closer - Nine Inch Nails

Jamming - Bob Marley

Te Tirare Del Altar - Fabulosos Cadillacs

man, I could go on forever... I will stop by next Saturday and check you guys out... and of course, order my Pomona Queen!

tibbi said...

come by sunday, and you'll be in better company!!!!