Sunday, June 21, 2009


I have been hard at work lately.

I have been working on expanding distributorship of Hangar24's beers to the west of the San Bernadino county line. I am awaiting exact details, but if I have done my job right, I have two on premise/off premise venues and one off premise venue poised to start selling Hangar24 Orange Wheat and Pale Ale.

And there may be some delicious keg Hangar24 IPA on it's way to a tap near us too.

Just sitting and waiting to quench my thirst with some tasty brews just a little further than nearby...stay tuned.

Hopefully the folks over at Hangar24 will help us all out with a little brewed sunshine....

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Here's an important question for man and woman alike, despite creed, color, or [insert additional retoric here].

What would Jesus drink?

The answer lies in another question; what did Jesus drink?

The Bible tells us wine dominated the ancient scene. Prostitutes, tax collectors, kings, disciples, and Jews alike all seemed to drink wine with everything and for any and every reason.

But history shows us throughout ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt among other places (around 9,000 years ago) favored fermented beverages based in grain (beer!!!).

Am I really to believe such deep and strong roots in brewing beer just disappeared in favor of wine; or is this just another papal cover up?

Well, you know what?

It is the biggest fuckin' papal cover up of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe (emphasis on the faith aspect) that Christ was totally drinking beer with the disciples and healing the sick all while under a cool buzz.

Think about it- 12 dudes....and no beer?

It wasn't girls night out. (if you know what I mean) Of course there was beer!!! There was bread wasn't there? Bread and beer not only taste delicious together, but guess what? They use the same ingredients! Coincidence? Fuck no.

What are the chances people would finish making bread and say, 'Hey that was hard work- I'm thirsty; I'm gonna ignore this spare grain and go harvest some grapes and make myself even more tired. Not to mention, I'm gonna end up dying my feet and lips purple too....'

People may have been smaller, but they weren't idiots. (not that wine drinkers are)

The Church must've got a good deal on some contract wine production. And with this they created the whole 'This is my blood; not really but it's wine, so enjoy it. But don't enjoy oral sex.'

(Oral sex+ beer= heaven; that's just mathematics....)

So, the papacy just started the whole wine thing and never looked back. They did some biblical editing and the truth is lost forever to the passage of time.

But luckily for us all; I am pretty good at guessing.

I think Jesus drank tons of beer. And I am willing to bet he drank a spiced ale rich in dark fruit flavors,sweetened with honey, emblazoned with grains of paradise and exotic spices (maybe cardamon) but refreshing in the daunting heat of being in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. No way you can sustain yourself throughout the fertile crescent with Chardonnay in tow. And if it's Manischevitz- you're not going anywhere to preach. (you'll most likely be puking your brains out because you never should have paired the red with fish from the red sea!)

If Jesus were to take me home with him soon, I'd bet he hang around with me a little and have a beer tasting.

And this is what I would pour him.

Russian River brewing Temptation: a beautiful golden ale aged in chardonnay barrels- it exhibits a mild spicyness and great carbonation that bubbles thick fruitiness and crisp bitterness

Alesmith Horny Devil- This is a Belgian style strong ale from a San Diego brewing powerhouse!!!! It has evident coriander notes that bounce upon signature Belgian sweetness. But it's not puny by any means. It's a big beer for people that like to sin, just so they can be "forgiven."

Smaltz brewing H'ebrew Messiah Bold- I bet Jesus would love this brown ale...nutty and yet sweet.

And lastly a beer from Canada...

Le Saint-Bock Brasserie Artisanale crucifixion- a pale bock that for no apparent reason is called crucifixtion. I couldn't find a label photo-

Overall, I think Jesus would enjoy these beers, and would then say, "My son, what beer would you like to drink for all eternity?"

And I would say.

Jesus Christ, I'll take nothing less than the divine holy trinity of beers....

Russian river Blind PIG IPA, Russian River Pliny the Elder Double IPA, and Russian River Pliny the Younger Triple IPA

And now for a beer blessing...

Bene+dic, Domine, creaturam istam cerevisae, quam ex adipe frumenti producere dignatus es: ut sit remedium salutare humano generi: et praesta per invocationem nominis tui sancti, ut, quicumque ex ea biberint, sanitatem corporis, et animae tutelam percipiant. Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

Bless, O Lord, this creature beer, that Thou hast been pleased to bring forth from the sweetness of the grain: that it might be a salutary remedy for the human race: and grant by the invocation of Thy holy name, that, whosoever drinks of it may obtain health of body and a sure safeguard for the soul. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Humpday Sunday recap....

Thanks John Clifford for poking me in the ribs as a means to get me to post more.

Anyhow, Sunday's tasting was great. We had the largest turnout thus far for my beer tasting. I'd say it was close to 20 people. Doesn't seem like much, but it is once you consider my format is much different from dba's conventional wine tasting format.

Well, as promised- there were stouts. Here is some of the information covered in Sunday's class.

Well, stouts originated in Britain of course. But the original term referred to Porters- more precisely; porters stronger in alcohol content. This was the application of the literal term "stout."

At this time, stout referred to any strong ale, but being more commonly used to differentiate between variations of porter as offered by any singular brewery. SO, brewery A could be brewing pale ale, golden ale, porter, and stout porter. There may be two porters with differing strengths- thus necessitating an adjective of "stout."

But what does it mean now?

I'm glad you asked. Today, stouts apart from the traditional dry Irish stouts, and cream/milk stouts are different from porters in the dominating aspect of malt differences. Stouts usually are higher gravity and have more roasted malt flavor.

There are porters with smoked and roasted malt, but more often than not, they simply contain dark malts, as opposed to treated malts...

to go along with the beers, I thought we needed some blueberries and black licorice. And you know what?

It worked perfectly- the bit of acidity form the berries and the deep flavor from the black licorice helped provoke some of the more tasty nuances of the brews...

Our first beer in our taste lineup was Beamish Irish Dry Stout

Beamish exhibited a very light body with creaminess and a touch of coffee. Pretty standard.

Our second beer was Guinness

Guinness is's a little roasty and a little thicker, but it's not some huge beer like college kids think it has less calories than the equivalent glass of skim milk!!!!

Our third beer was Sierra Nevada Stout

Now this beer, was moderate in mouthfeel, nice and roasty with this little twinge of sweetness right before a decent dryish finish. This is what a stout is supposed to be from an unlikely place. I bet most of you thought Sierra Nevada only made Pale Ales!!!!

Now, our fourth stout was the delicious Goose Island Bourbon County Stout

This beer pours like motor oil, smells like soy sauce and has the most beautiful dark fruit flavors blanketed in smoky earthiness. Like eating the remnants from an orchard fire started by burning chocolate.

If you see this beer, buy it, and enjoy it. Put it in a glass with some vanilla bean ice cream....

SGV Tribune came by and took photos of the tasting!!! My Cele-brew-ty status is growing, but my only concern is why SGV trib is hip to me, but the Bulletin hasn't given me the time of day!!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SUNDAY JUNE 7th !!!!!!!

I will be holding beer tasting at 5pm.

The theme of this tasting will be STOUTS!!!!


Just imagine bobbing for chocolate truffles floating in a mocha filled oak barrel!!!!

It's gonna be just like that! And if anyone wears a Guinness shirt, he/she will be punched.

This isn't your English Silly Nanny- type of beer tasting. We going to get down to the nitty gritty....