Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Make that... even 1,200 now- I need to get out this week, so I can "blog" it up some more.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1,183 hits

As of today, this blog is at 1,183 hits. Not bad, seeing as my blog is the least conventional by local blogging standards. It's been 36 days since my first entry, and I'm so glad to have found a place where like and unlike minds can meet and share ideas, gain insight, and have some laughs.

Maybe, more blogs will endorse me, although I doubt it seeing as my blog has "different" content, but just the same I am glad to see how the other half lives nonetheless.

Thanks to everyone that keeps track of my blog, and I always welcome questions, comments, and crtiticisms. Anyone with beer questions, are especially important to me.

Thanks again, and if anyone sees David Allen, tell him i'm still waiting on his notes on my blog!

Cheers, Pomona!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


If you guys go by dba, don't be surprised if you don't see me. Apparently, the other bossman is trying to be fair and spread out the hours a little more evenly among everyone and since I have the most shifts, I have been cut down. Now I have to work from the bottom up, again.

It makes me angry. I've worked hard to make people happy and serve them to the best of my ability. I've taken marginal shifts and turned them into days people look forward to. Now, the familiarity has been wiped away, unfairly.

C'est la vie- I'm looking for a new job anyhow, but I wish I had already secured one before this depressing news. If anyone wants to know my schedule, please feel free to email me.

I know some people only go to the bar when I am there, so please come by and see me either this Saturday morning or Sunday night and I'll do my best to serve you well.

If anyone would like to contact the bossman and perhaps throw in some good words for me-

I appreciate all who have supported the bar and myself, let's hope this situation doesn't get any uglier.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vote for me, next time!!!!!!!!!!!

The missus and I watched "W" Sunday morning. I thought it was a great movie. Brolin does an awesome job. At first, I thought the movie was going to romp Bush the entire way- it didn't. It was a very humanistic portrayal and I think it gave some insight, but in no way offers up excuses.

Anyhow, after the movie, the missus turns to me and says, "I really think you should run for mayor."

-I've made a couple of jokes about it, obviously, but she was dead serious. I dismissed it and laughed, but I'm thinking about a grass roots campaign for NEXT election. Well, of course only on the condition the Aztec calendar allows for such an endeavor. (insert additional superstitious hogwash here)

I would love to be mayor- in the sense that I would love to be the head Pomonan. My heritage runs deep in Pomona, plus I would love to wear a top hat. I would definitely wear a top hat if elected, and that would be a major part of my platform. A top hat and monocle; it would be like photos and pictures of early savages turned "civilized."

I know what you're thinking, "Isn't 'Tibbi' an Urdu word? And aren't Pakistanis terrorists? Is that why you have a beard?"

Well, to you pundits- yes. It means "medical" in Urdu. And I have a beard because it's a sign of virility (no enzyte here ladies- don't need it). But, let's face it, "Tibbi" is just a cute name that softens my image and makes me approachable.

Enough of the little details though. Let's go over my philosophy and plan for the betterment of my city- Pomona.

This, of course will be done in my favorite- the question and answer format.

What qualifies you for mayoral candidacy?

Good question- I am a lifelong resident of Pomona. I work in Pomona. And I have my roots in Pomona. If anyone had been witness to Pomona's growth or lack thereof, it has been people like myself. I feel I have a unique perspective to this city which will undoubtedly help me serve this city.

How does being a bartender correlate to being a good candidate for mayor, you jackass?

As a bartender, you have to know when to cut people off and kick people out. Enough said. (Watch out Carrizosa, you'll be the first to get the boot- medium style)

Aren't you a drunk?

That's really none of your damn business- yet.

We don't need another spic trying to run our city, what makes you different?

Technically, I am not a spic. I am indigenous to Pomona by way of several generations. The key to Pomona's recovery and overall growth is to make the general population comfortable with and proud of Pomona. All too often Pomona has been used as a midway point from those fleeing the big city (Los Angeles) to more destitute grounds (San Bernadino). People don't care about her (Pomona)- we're just a civic halfway house. I want to change that by using code enforcement to crack down on our neighborhoods and help raise property values for our homeowners. A huge section of our population rents, so eliminating neglected properties will help instill pride among our caring citizens.

With this we can expect to see safer streets, paving the way for better execution of community projects and events. People won't buy into the concept of community if they can't leave their homes for fear of violence and conflict.

Yes, it's true. Many of our citizens are not legal citizens of this country. The fact remains they make up a large portion of California's consumer driven power. I don't want to cater to this demographic completely to the point where donkey shows are prevalent and mobile taco stands are everywhere, but I do want to grab hold of that sales tax revenue. To do so, we'd have to dedicate our support to more local businesses and to more demographically specific businesses provided they comply with the laws (employment related and tax related...etc.).

Mexicans took our jobs!!!

Well sir, what is your industry?

Uh, I'm a marketing analyst...

Oh, so you never picked oranges or washed dishes?

No, went to Cal Poly...

Anyhow, we can maintain a safe city, reap the benefits of commerce, and still have a strong community if we stop compartmentalizing they way the city works. Everyone has to know our objectives straight out. Everyone has to be in on it. No personal agendas.
What happened to the idea of Fourth of July block parties? What happened to neighborhood barbers? What ever happened to Otis from the Andy Griffith show? I loved that guy.

What have you done in the private sector that gives you confidence in your ability to run the city?

Look, I have no private sector experience. Pomona is not a business. The efficiency of the private sector doesn't mix with the red tape of sleepy civic government. All you get is road rage on tricycles. (remember I coined that guys) I think we need a shot of common sense and a bottle of perspective.

I've been mugged in the city! Yes, it's true. I once walked down to the store at night to get a pack of cigarettes and a dude tried to take my money. A big black dude grabbed my pocket and I punched him.

Did you knock him out?

No- it didn't faze him at all, he was high. He then threw me into the street. He came at me again, so I punched him and ran for my life. Do you think I wanted to leave Pomona? Hell no! I stopped smoking cigarettes, and the next time I saw that dude, before he could say a word to me I whipped out my knife plain as day.

Why are you telling me this?

It's for two reasons

A: So, you know I'm tough and I will cut you.
B: So, you know I have faith in this community and I've seen it from all sides. Businessmen, educated men, and political men have good ideas but sometimes they don't translate to the everyday Joe just trying to get to the store for a pack of cigarettes without getting mugged or running into a girl everybody already has fucked, who by the way is pregnant and a school dropout at 14.

I love my city, let's share it with the world. Vote for me and I will turn this city around.

My name is Tibbi, and I keep it fresh like ziploc, son. Vote strong, vote for your neighbor-me.

By the way, the city has too much property remaining unused profitably, but that's another blog.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Beer Nationalism

I had a dream last night that I was on my way to the moon as part of a NASA program to figure out the affects of beer on man in space and the affects of space on beer.


Now, this would've been a great dream, had it not been for the beer choices. I had to drink different beers from different countries, but alot of it was bad, then I must've pushed myself to wake up in order to keep myself from having to drink "Sol," and "Corona."

Don't remember much else though, but it brings up a good subject- Beer and Nationalism!!!!

Everybody knows a guy that's a foreigner. This foreigner usually drinks his nation's beer often and makes remarks about how "Guatemala has the best beer in the world."

Guatemala? Beer is produced in Guatemala?

Maybe the guy you know isn't from Guatemala, but it happens. The dude doesn't really even have to be a foreigner though. I know guys that are 1/30 Irish, and can't keep their traps shut about Guinness.

"Ha- you know, I'm Irish- so I have to drink Guinness. I drink it in the morning with my cereal, and when I break out I use Guinness as an acne treatment...etc"

-Horrible. Simply horrible. These examples of beer nationalism are killing the beer market. This is what keeps the beer market from broadening faster and wider than it already is- and it's really annoying me.

I don't see any point in being excited about my nation's mass produced beer. I am excited about good beer in general, and that's the hallmark of any beer drinker worth the alcohol in his blood stream. The truth is, mass produced beer in any other country is no better than our crappy mass produced beer. There are exceptions to this and these are some of the international treasures that foreigners can really be proud of.


This a beer from Morocco. It's is a lager and is moderately smooth. Most beer that you will encounter from abroad tends to be variations of lagers and pilsners because of German immigrants and such influences on brewing.


This is an Ethiopian beer, and again- a lager. The mainstay of beer drinkers in Africa is, however, Guinness Export, which is drier than extra stout. It has a tan label.


From Israel comes this medium bodied lager, Goldstar- it's good for many flavorful dishes found in Arab/Jewish cuisine.


Efes Pilsner does similarly well, and it's from Turkey.


Let's not forget about ALMAZA from Lebanon-one of the very few beers from green glass bottles that I, myself, will drink. Nothing goes better with lamb, falafel, and harrisa better. The best Pilsner outside of German and Czech breweries.


Argentina is proud of it's own lager and they should be. Pretty thin but nice mouthfeel- surprisingly astringent, but necessary when paired with beef (good beef).


It's a running joke that Russia has been notorious for sub par products. Baltika Beers are the exception. The beers are numbered for each style, which makes ordering easy. "I'll have a number three." - The wheat bear is surprisingly good, and they have a well rounded collection that makes you forget how bad Borscht can be if not done right.


Germany has too many beers for one country, with regional differences being apparent in every glass. This is the crown jewel for me. Germany has many light bodied, light colored beers, but this one is unlike all of them (except in the now extinct dortmunder style). Rauchbier tastes so smoky, like bacon. It stands up to pork sausage and braised cabbage as I'm sure it stood up to many foreigners complaining about it's bacon taste. It will continue to stand up to time. Bravo Germany, you got one right.


India, for some reason took to brewing German lagers, despite the British occupation which would've logically prompted more ales being brewed. Despite this strange affect, they did take the best water and spin out some great lagers. Old Monk 10,000 isn't just a lager, it's a strong lager- of which a category doesn't exist. Lagers are crisp and light. Medium alcohol, but this one packs a punch very slyly. Damn you India. You're too good at what you do.


Japan, in recent years, lifted a ban on microbrewing, and I couldn't be happier. Hitachino makes some of the tastiest, rarest brews. this classic ale isn't just another Japanese copy of American innovation. It's a rework of something we, as Americans, can only wish we could have come up with in the first place. This is a genuine Japanese beer, without having to be so Japanese. They can be proud of this beer. Normally, it would take maybe ten pitchers of Sapporro to get me a little high. this one makes me happy, and it has alcohol to keep me happy.

Cheers to international beer done well!!! These are beers people can be proud of.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

This is my provocative blog/ The GAY blog

I was reminded this morning of the ongoing debate of gay marriage. While I am normally moderate, I'm pretty liberal on this subject for many reasons. I am going to use some of the statements I've encountered and respond accordingly;

-Marriage is between a man and woman; the bible says so.

Now, this is a fundamentalist statement. It's a conservative statement, but I don't consider this to be an educated fundamentalist statement, nor an educated conservative statement. I hate this statement because I've always wondered why fundamentalists cite the bible in this argument. The bible says God created man and woman. So, does this mean gays were "factory seconds," or "defective?" Are they not products of God in God's own image?- I'm looking for some consistency here- this argument is not very "Christian."

-I don't want my children to think it's alright to be gay or that it is an option.

Whoa man, whoa- this is a ridiculous fear, but somewhat understandable. No one wants to interrupt the status quo. But what exactly is the status quo for children, in regards to homosexuality?

(has flashbacks from private school)

.....I remember calling my friends "fags," alot. I also called other guys "fags" alot. I remember making alot of jokes about people being "gay."

Not much has changed, and as I grew older I kept calling my friends "fags," and I still make jokes about people being "gay."

But this is wrong- not for moral reasons, so much, but because I've been using words completely out of context. The entire time I was using "gay," and "fag' when I should've been using "retard," or "loser."

And for that I am sorry.....

In fact, I had a gay coworker. I would get angry with managers and I used to call them "f*$#ing faggots," then I would have to turn around and say, "sorry Eddie, I didn't mean to offend you." It was a bad habit. I am a working man, and I don't swear a whole lot, but I do love my racial epithets and sexual slurs. In this case, I would use the word "faggot," to emasculate men, because for many insecure men, this is the worst thing one can be called. For me, the worst thing I can be called is, "wetback." (for the record- I am not)

What I am getting at is this, establishing tolerance of homosexuality and lifting the taboo connotations with it, can only benefit us as a society striving for utopia.
Maybe it starts with children. (not sure myself though) It won't make children want to become gay, it would only help reiterate equality for all and possibly open dialogue so as to avoid family problems and such, associated with "coming out."

-Gay marriage makes a mockery of marriage between a man and woman.

So, if you don't try to stop gay marriage- the terrorists win. If you support gay marriage, you must be French- and French ain't 'merican!!!!!

You see where I am going?

Men and women are making a mockery of marriage in the US. Marriage by way of pregnancy is making a mockery of marriage. The divorce rate in America is making a mockery of marriage. Superficial relationships are making a mockery of marriage.

I thought people were more progressive than these arguments. History shows man progressing up to this point and despite our advances in technology and medicine, we've seemed to regress philosophically. It's as if we have no time to be conscientious anymore.

There's no room for common sense, where will people put their blackberries?

Now I am not a proponent for homosexual lifestyle. I am a proponent for equality and common sense for the betterment of society as a whole- not for sociological sections apart.

Okay, despite any argument I can make, these might be unrealized opportunities with this issue.

Gay marriage will stimulate the economy.

Think about it. More weddings mean more flowers, photographers, venue rentals, dj services, live band services, and a host of other related costs. Gays are notorious for having more money as discretionary income due to the fact they gays have less family expenditures.

Gay marriage will help curb AIDs.

It's no secret, gays tend to be more expressive, especially sexually. There are huge campaigns to help curb AIDs and many of these are targeted at gays. Promiscuity is a huge inadvertent result of the gay lifestyle due in part to a lack of discipline as prescribed by marriage or at least the opportunity for such monogamy. Marriage is a symbol of loyalty, dedication and monogamy. I am not saying gays are wild and full of AIDS, but there is an inherent sociological effect because of the absence of marriage as an equalizer acclimating themselves to the general population which would then in turn establish health and moral concerns that everyone else would normally be subject to.

(this is a generalization, please take it in context)

Anyhow, that's it for this one. Homosexuality isn't going anywhere, and no one has the right to limit anyone else's potential to lead a life equivalent or greater to that of anyone else.

It's bad enough the powers that be dictate many aspects of our lives without having to define the word "happiness," and a list of those whom "happiness" may be afforded to.

No one should be forced to marry and no one should be prevented from marrying.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Job Hunting

I'm looking for a job- no luck yet. I applied with the city of Pomona for a job at the library, but the posting doesn't close until the end of the month and I doubt I am the ideal candidate, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'd like to work there and help people out. Anyhow, if anyone has any good leads on employment, let me know. I'm not planning on leaving the bar, but I need to put some money in my savings.

I have strong customer service experiensce, sales experience, and lots of supervisory experience- and experience.

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Friends

Last night some fellow bloggers met up at the bar (dba). It was great to put faces to names.

Ed, Meg, K, Calwatch, and Andrew...are my new friends and eveyone seemed to enjoy getting a chance to talk face to face, which is easier than exchanging post comments and volleying back and forth between blogs, posts, and people.

I must say, it was gratifying. I didn't get to participate as much as I wanted to, because I was, in fact, working the bar, but there was a good vibe.

I hope it becomes habitual, as habitual as casual meetings can get when life goes along its normal course, with its regular irregualrities and serendipity.

Good people, good writing, good city. They do say the pen is mightier than the sword.
-We'll let you know.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My new quote!!!!

This is my quote of the day- I said it myself

"Let beer be the liquid in our veins and let our genitals be our moral compasses!!!!!!!!"

What do you guys say?

My originally intended post

Rothman was the word tuesday, but I originally had a heartwarming story to tell before Rothman was spewing from my lips like vomit after three liters of beer. (trust me on the three liters-*wink)

So, it was tuesday night and the bar was a little slow. I was a little upset because the Presidential debate was on and I was against screening it so outrightly at the bar.

My ethics kinda prevent me from displaying politics in the bar on the grounds that people go to bars to enjoy the bar and, at times, escape the outside.

The debate screened anyhow since no one contested it (which was only fair). A mock vote took place, which I abstained from. If you really want to know, Obama won by 84% of those polled.

Now to the nitty gritty;

A couple came in and wanted to drink a flight of red wine. I obliged and they sat in dba's lounge area. I recognized them from the previous week, of which I had good impressions of them. Time passed as the slow bar continued to move toward the dark side of the clock, when the couple approached me.

"Do you have Peroni," the lady of the couple said.

'No, I actually don't- I'm trying to get rid of that beer," I replied.

"Why?," she said.

"It's not good beer and it's in green glass which allows the beer to become skunked," I informed her."How about I give you a better beer."

"Sure," she said.

I handed the couple Sessions Lager from Full Sail brewing (Oregon). I then described it as a Lager/Pilsner in the style of beer that was brewed prior to prohibition, which explains the medicine style brown glass bottle.

They loved it- of course.

Moments later the gentleman was on his knee, to which I figured he might just be playing around. They were later embracing each other and making out.

The couple then came up to the bar and requested to closeout, but not before the lady of the couple announced to everyone that she had just become engaged.

My heart surged and I instructed them to sit at the bar, as I poured them a congratulatory glass of Sparkling Zin.

After drinking, they paid their tab and left.

Nothing made me happier than to witness such an act at dba. Especially since they did so during the city's favorite bartender's shift.

I'm glad for them and look forward to serving them on their future anniversaries!!!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The beer's on me today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


here's the copy of the text in case the link goes dead

Pomona city councilman arrested
By Lori Consalvo on October 8, 2008 10:14 AM | Permalink | Comments (11)
POMONA - City councilman Elliott Rothman was arrested for drunken driving Tuesday night, officials said.

The city has not released any more information on the incident.

Rothman was elected to the City Council in 1996 and re-elected in 2002, and 2006, according to his biography on the city's Web site. He has served as council member for the past 12 years in District Five.- end-

Councilman Rothman, geez man...maybe you shouldn't have played dumb when it came to owning up to Police Chief's Romero's inclusion to that propaganda rag!!!!! (of course the one which you knew nothing about)

Well guys, if anyone wants to celebrate- I'll buy the beer....

If there is anything I hate more than pretentious bastards- it's Elliot Rothman!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just for laughs ( a long time ago)




the chops, the awesome hat, ricardo, hookah- oh how i miss those days

Monday, October 6, 2008


I really wish Ommegang Hennepin was still at Heroes in Claremont.

Now, they have about 5 Oktoberfest biers; who cares about Oktoberfest bier?
What about pumpkin ales? What about nice fall porters? What about Christmas beer? Jubelale is out; we should all be drinking that!!!!!

C'est la vie. They have Union Jack- what more could I ask for?

I await the cold of winter for it brings some of the most delicious beers.

Keep an eye out for Anchor Christmas Ale, Deschutes Jubelale, and various other winter warmers...

It's gonna be a delicious season.

Friday, October 3, 2008

For Leon

I met a craft beer drinker yesterday, and he was a black dude. This is news to me because for some reason minorities only have shit beer marketed to them.

Think about it, Mexicans and the assorted latin community only have Budweiser for a beer heritage. (domestically speaking of course)

Asians have no domestic beer marketed to them, which is why they stick to their home beer imported and distributed through big brewers.

Blacks, have really never been marketed to- ever. At least as far as beer is concerned. And we're all familiar with the overall minorty marketing of high gravity malt liquor. Everytime I am in a bar, or brewpub, or brewery and I do see black people drinking beer I always make a point to figure out what they are drinking because I am very curious on drinking trends and I like to size people up based on what they drink. (Snakebites are for douchebags)

I told Leon (my new beer friend) that I was really happy to meet a real black craft beer drinker because twenty-something minorities aren't exactly the demographic of the craft beer world. The real demographic is that of older (middle aged) white collar, white men.

That means, we obviously know what we like and have good taste, we just happen to be from the other side of the tracks.

It won't be long before Leon and I start stealing fat bottomed white girls (whether they be said white demographics' wives or daughters) with the allure of both being colored yet refined and discerning in taste. (that being very attractive to white girls wanting to rebel a little, but not wanting to make out with a guy that tastes like Keystone light) The plus side is that these girls will be at breweries and brewpubs, making this theft very easy. It won't be long before Lil' John trades in his crunk cup for a beer flute!!! (yeahhhhh!!!!- OKAYYYYY!!!!)

Leon and I, and those like us are in a pivotal position to change the beer market, and thusly change the world.

Cheers to you Leon. Cheers to me. Cheers to fat bottomed white girls!!!!!

And to settle our argument

Firestone brewery has been changing their labels and their Pale Ale is officially known are Pale 31 (yellow label). It does, however, have California Pale Ale on the bottom with "Pale 31" in the center of the label. There is no such style as a California Pale Ale according to the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) style guide for beer (which is the last say). Firestone is just trying to start a trend, but it's too late- Bayhawk brewing from Irvine has a beer actually called CPA (Califronia Pale Ale)- not just a description.

So- that means, you're half correct, and so am I. That means, it's a draw.


This is the old label. The new label isn't really even on the net, no one has caught up with their changes in label, but maybe that's because that Pale Ale in particular isn't worth updating on!!!!



For Manuel

This is a new blog based on a previous blog...this will be a listing and semi-rating of each of the 88 IPAs i have partaken of.

One thing to consider when rating IPAs here in California is that we are up to our knees in choices....but California, specifically San Diego IPAs, brews are a variation from other IPAs and the traditional IPAs which are english. the double IPAs are close to traditional in the fact of weight and alcohol content.

The IPA is the biggest and widest brew category in craft and microbrewing- it's strange that IPAs don't dominate the taps in the bars, but i think maybe it's because there aren't alot of people drinking IPA- it's just a lot of IPA being drunk by a bold few.

here it is....

Pliny the Younger (Russian River)-awesome beer, it's very complex yet crisp and easy to go down, but you'll only want to sip it to make it last longer.

Hop 15 (Port Brewing)-very awesome layered hoppy flavors, moderate alcohol traces, good APV

Stone IPA- there are better IPAs, but then again there are not. great bouquet. great consistent taste and always welcome strong APV without tasting sour.

ACME IPA (North Coast Brewing)- good session IPA, not too strong, but not subtle...this is what you dirnk when you wake up in the morning with some toast and jam

Indica IPA (Lost Coast Brewing)- not too big a fan of this one. lost coast is awesome, but they use unconventional hop choices for this beer- even for california style IPA. it's okay. i prefer sunny delight and this is minute maid- nothing wrong with it, just not my preference.

Green Flash Imperial IPA- one of the best double IPAs- strong APV and good flavor, pretty robust.

Deschutes Inversion IPA-good session IPA

Bison Organic IPA-decently priced session 22oz IPA

Avery IPA-awesome citrusy IPA, one of the best regular IPAs

Maharaja Imperial IPA (Avery)-super awesome, top five IPAs, good APV

Sleighor Reaper Ale Double IPA- decent daily drinker, good price for a double-4 dollars

Medocino White Hawk IPA- eh, not tasty enough....

Pyramid Thunderhead IPA-weaksauce

Widmer Borken Halo IPA-weaksauce

Red Hook Longhammer IPA-weaksauce

Snake Dog IPA (Flying Dog)-it's alright, but i wouldn't take it to the moon with me

Hop Ottin' IPA (Anderson Valley)- dog's so highly recommended, but it's not that great

Hop Devil (Victory Brewing)-good, but in a different context, it's deeper like a cognac almost....

Hop Rod Rye (Bear Republic Brewing)- it's a good companion for sandwiches

Racer 5 IPA (Bear Republic Brewing)- always a good choice, crisp hoppy flavor

Sierra Nevada IPA- more tradional, severe alcohol trace with moderate APV

Alesmith IPA-very tasty, but has an almost menthalating alcohol footprint

Big Daddy IPA (Speakeasy)- very good basic IPA, pretty complex for a small beer

Double Daddy Double IPA (Speakeasy)- builds on basic IPA and blossoms nicely in the mouth

Full Sail IPA-eh, it sucks, even for a traditonal IPA

Wipeout IPA (Port Brewing)- ports IPAs are always good, but you can only drink one 22 oz. -you want to drink multiple port beers despite this- for some reason they just are consistently drinkable brews...

Nectar Ales IPA (Humboldt)- good session IPA california/tradional hybrid

Union Jack IPA (Firestone)- fucking aweseom IPA it's my plan B, next to Stone IPA- i recommend it highly

Rubicon IPA- decent session IPA

IPA (Blue Frog Brewing), eh...jumbled flavor, tastes like soda, not very balanced...

Hoptown IPA- session IPA...pretty good

Stone Ruination- do i have to tell you?

Sierra Nevada Celebration- good seasonal, this should be their year round offering...

Steelhead Double IPA (Mad River)- good session double....if that's possible

Ballast Point IPA- fuckin awesome. 7% very citrusy but also moderately malty simultaneously without being too brash like a rye IPA...good

Lagnitas IPA-pretty good. not as consistent as i'd like, but tastes good overall...

Coastal Fog IPA- great session IPA, very close in flavor to union jack...highly recommend it.....

Meantime IPA- expensive, but it gives you an idea of the basis for our modern socal IPAs...bitter without backup flavor, but good for it's raw nature...

Moylan's Hopsickle Triple Hoppy Ale- the name says's pretty good...close to Russian River...not as complex, but full throttle...

Moylan's IPA- english style...very good if you can get your hands on it...

Lagunias Maximus- awesome 2.99 double IPA- LAGUNITAS IS CHANGING MY EXPECTATIONS

Shipyard- fuggles IPA- fuggles...are a good bittering hop, but it lacks complexity and bouquet...

Greenflash West Coast IPA- lots of sediment, but it keeps the dick hard

Butte Creek Organic IPA- don't remember too much, changed labels...

Samuel Smith IPA- weak, but tasty, not enough hop bouquet nor bitterness...session IPA..

Left Coast Hop Juice- hop infused vagina flavor- awesomely sour!

Mission Brewing IPA- benchmark quality

Stone Belgian Style IPA- i must give it time to grow on me, yeasty hoppiness....

BJs Owen's IPA-pretty tasty, i underestimated it at first, but it's good....grab a growler of one at your local BJs....

Maui Brewing Company Big Swell IPA- it was in a can and it was delicious. aftertaste of pineapple and tasty hop traces.

Anchor Brewing Liberty Ale-session IPA....easy going down but obvious foot print...rides the line between APA and IPA in a good way....

Anderson Valley 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA-maltiness clouds any hop flavor- drinkable, but too drinkable for an imperial IPA

Grand Teton Brewing Sweetgrass IPA-too sweet and malty- good session, but shouldn't be mistaken for a hoppy beer....

Santa Cruz Ale Works IPA-awesome find- 2.99........close to Stone IPA in Bouquet and flavor....awesome

Brasseirie D'Achouffe Double Belgian IPA Trippel- yeasty flavor overiddes hoppiness...but delicous . just the same...

Port Brewing- 2nd Anniversary Ale- awesome...the best eight bucks you can spend on a bomber of tasty, complex hop juice...get it- it's rare around here and obviously a seasonal...

Drakes IPA- awesome...i can see how it won at the gabf

Victory Hop Wallop- good sweet, hoppy seasonal, very effervescent

Urthel Hop IT- it was good, better than other beligan IPAs. heres the twist. it's a dutch beer in the belgian style that tries to copy IPAs, but it's good.

Bear Republic Racer "X"- never seen this before, hasn't been bottles in five years, but is occasionally available for draft. not my favorite- racer 5 is better

Avery/Russian River Collaboration, not litigation IPA- kinda good, not what i expected from these two breweries. maybe their brewing styles were working against each other instead of being complementary

Coronado Brewing Islander IPA- pretty decent ten easy...

Coronado Hoppy Beer Belgian IPA- the best Belgian IPA i've had...

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing IPA- not good. organics almost never have enough hops

He'brew Lenny's RIPA- double IPA with too much rye malt to be able to define itself as bittersweet or an IPA. not good. too thick

Stone 11th Anniversary Ale- the best RYE IPA....hops shine straight through with malty accents- the way it should be

Piraat Ale- it's a good trippel, but i don't taste enough hops, maybe it's the variety, but it oculd just be that danm belgian yeast

Dogfishhead 90 mintue IPA- very smooth and refined, deep like brandy, but hoppy. this is a beer i would move to the east coast for

Full Sail Prodigal Sun IPA- i never cared much for this brewery, but this was in fact a decent offereing. the only thing i would change would be the crappy finish, but it's a decent drinker other than that.

Russian River IPA- very drinkable, just the right amount of citrus flavor and balanced with hops.

Oskar Blues Gordon- really good, but uber expensive. it's a hybrid of an amber an a double's very malty and sweet, it's similar to a rye IPA but better

21st amendment brewery Brew Free or Die IPA- very well balanced, but still has hopped up edge. six pack of cans is 9 bucks- a steal compared to Maui breiwing big swell and oskar blues gordon

Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA- classic english beer. like a bitter but without the creaminess malt flavor...good show....

Left Coast Brewing Torrey Pines IPA- delicious pine laced citrusy IPA with good hop balance and clean finish

Hitachino Classic Ale- creamy session IPA in a good japanese way- domo arogatu!!!

Pliny the Elder double IPA by Russian River- delicious double IPA- quite possibly the best, so hoppy yet balanced, perfect hop choices and crisp aftertaste

Stone 10th Anniversary IPA- deliciously thick and complex with caramel, toffee and rye accents...too much almost

Hair of the Dog Blue Dot Double IPA- tastes like a san diego ipa, gloriously hopped up and full of IBUs, but tasty

St Peter's IPA- skunked, but still tasted smooth and mildly bitter, but not creamy like an esb

Burton India Empire Ale- this is where it all started- delicious lightly hopped pale, but with rocky taste (just like it's brother BASS)

Craftsman IPA- too creamy, but a good session

Craftsman Point 5 IPA- better, with more citrus peel accents

Big Sky IPA- delicious roasty malt flavors with awesome piercing bitterness shining through

Alaskan IPA- very bubbly, and soap sudsy type of head...but lacking in bitterness and complexity

Odell Brewing IPA- delicious tart bit right at the end...nice creamy head- decent balance with good bittering hop choice

Boulevard Double Wide IPA- great, no citrus here, more acidity but from an apple perspective- delightful

Alesmith Yulesmith- Christmas came early this year and it was delicious

Coronado Idiot IPA- signature coronado flavor...great

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And now, back to your reguarly scheduled programming


This past sunday I was pouring wonderful craft, microbrew beer at the beer tavern (hosted by the California Fermentation Society). I had a lot of fun. I worked hard and helped people decide on beers to include in his/her respective tasting and I answered questions on beer. I also kept throwing out dba's name out there for obvious reasons.

I was happy to walk away from the tasting with some good tips, new beers, and a free beer to venture out of the facility with.

Here are some of my pics

The beer board with medal winners annotated

Me arranging beer for a tasting

Taking a little money off the top

Letting people know what's good and how the tasting works

Me responding to the word "Heffeweizer!!!"

Me and my free beer and my new Stone shirt

I can't wait to do it again next year....good people, good beer, and a free t-shirt via mail for participating (not that it will fit me...

Some friendly encouragement

Yesterday I was kinda in some hot water at work, but it's not completely my fault. The actions of a couple of other people helped facilitate a goof-up, but I took the brunt of it because afterall, I am the brown, uneducated beer drinker.

(laughing it off....kinda)

So anyhow, the boss man and I finish up business and clear up the situation as we air out some other differences, when all of a sudden I am hit with this conversation.

: "So, how much beer do you really drink, man?"

Brown, uneducated beer drinker: "Uh..." (attempting to think back, but the hamsters lain dead in the wheel)

: "Like a six pack a day- about?"

Brown, uneducated beer drinker: "Yeah, give or take a couple. Some days I drink one or two, other days....(unintelligible)"

Bossman: "Would you say you're an alcoholic?"

Brown, uneducated beer drinker: "I'm a functioning alcoholic." (gleaming with pride)

Bossman: "I care about you man, but you have to think about it. My dad was an alcoholic, and it just fucks things up. Think of all the money you'd have if you didn't spend it on booze."

Brown, uneducated beer drinker: (trying to retain integrity because I don't care about money- I care about happiness which isn't correlated to money for me at all)

Brown, uneducated beer drinker: "Well, it's different because I don't just drink the same things, I drink all kinds of stuff and I learn...etc..."

Bossman: "You really think that's different?"

Brown, uneducated beer drinker: "I guess not, it's just..."

Bossman: "Fifteen more years, you'll have cirrhosis or cancer, you gotta be careful, I'm just saying man. I care."

Brown, uneducated beer drinker: "Yeah, I know...I think about it from time to time. I'm just making due and enjoying the time I have."


Hmmm....the conversation turned out to be a bummer, but I still drank a six pack last night. I didn't feel the alcohol. I didn't feel my soul.

My reasons for drinking have drastically changed over the years. I finally turn my vice into my livelihood, and I educate others in the process- only to be chastised.

It used to be I'd drink because I was sad. I used to drink because I was worn out emotionally and just didn't care.

Now I drink because I am happy- not to be happy. And it is still wrong?

only time will tell. I'm glad someone does care- but where the hell is my raise?