Friday, October 3, 2008

For Leon

I met a craft beer drinker yesterday, and he was a black dude. This is news to me because for some reason minorities only have shit beer marketed to them.

Think about it, Mexicans and the assorted latin community only have Budweiser for a beer heritage. (domestically speaking of course)

Asians have no domestic beer marketed to them, which is why they stick to their home beer imported and distributed through big brewers.

Blacks, have really never been marketed to- ever. At least as far as beer is concerned. And we're all familiar with the overall minorty marketing of high gravity malt liquor. Everytime I am in a bar, or brewpub, or brewery and I do see black people drinking beer I always make a point to figure out what they are drinking because I am very curious on drinking trends and I like to size people up based on what they drink. (Snakebites are for douchebags)

I told Leon (my new beer friend) that I was really happy to meet a real black craft beer drinker because twenty-something minorities aren't exactly the demographic of the craft beer world. The real demographic is that of older (middle aged) white collar, white men.

That means, we obviously know what we like and have good taste, we just happen to be from the other side of the tracks.

It won't be long before Leon and I start stealing fat bottomed white girls (whether they be said white demographics' wives or daughters) with the allure of both being colored yet refined and discerning in taste. (that being very attractive to white girls wanting to rebel a little, but not wanting to make out with a guy that tastes like Keystone light) The plus side is that these girls will be at breweries and brewpubs, making this theft very easy. It won't be long before Lil' John trades in his crunk cup for a beer flute!!! (yeahhhhh!!!!- OKAYYYYY!!!!)

Leon and I, and those like us are in a pivotal position to change the beer market, and thusly change the world.

Cheers to you Leon. Cheers to me. Cheers to fat bottomed white girls!!!!!

And to settle our argument

Firestone brewery has been changing their labels and their Pale Ale is officially known are Pale 31 (yellow label). It does, however, have California Pale Ale on the bottom with "Pale 31" in the center of the label. There is no such style as a California Pale Ale according to the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) style guide for beer (which is the last say). Firestone is just trying to start a trend, but it's too late- Bayhawk brewing from Irvine has a beer actually called CPA (Califronia Pale Ale)- not just a description.

So- that means, you're half correct, and so am I. That means, it's a draw.


This is the old label. The new label isn't really even on the net, no one has caught up with their changes in label, but maybe that's because that Pale Ale in particular isn't worth updating on!!!!




Anduhrew said...

You are very correct about asians only having asian beers marketed towards them I'm half Korean so i'm familiar with Hite and Half German hence my affinity towards hefeWeizens...

P.S. I'll be planting some barley at the farm At the Center for Regenerative Studies at Cal Poly. if interested. when it's ready to harvest I'll bring u some. 100% organic pesticide, herbicide free. all natural.

tibbi said...

That would be very cool. Thank you, but I can only accept such a gift on the condition that upon delivery, you have a beer with me.

Anduhrew said...

Will Do!

Anonymous said...

what up tibbi its leon thanks for the shot out on our conversation...Also thanks for further researching the CPA issue lol...check it out man I'm going to stone brewery next friday with my drinking buddy seneca Im hella excited and I think we are also gonna do the central san diego brewery tour that goes to ballast point, gordon biersch, oggi's and san diego brewing company!!! (is it worth it) see you soon

tibbi said...

cool man, that tour is good, it depends on which day you go-

try to go to green flash brewing, lightining brewing, and of course ballast point is awesome-

lost abbey would be good too...