Thursday, October 9, 2008

My originally intended post

Rothman was the word tuesday, but I originally had a heartwarming story to tell before Rothman was spewing from my lips like vomit after three liters of beer. (trust me on the three liters-*wink)

So, it was tuesday night and the bar was a little slow. I was a little upset because the Presidential debate was on and I was against screening it so outrightly at the bar.

My ethics kinda prevent me from displaying politics in the bar on the grounds that people go to bars to enjoy the bar and, at times, escape the outside.

The debate screened anyhow since no one contested it (which was only fair). A mock vote took place, which I abstained from. If you really want to know, Obama won by 84% of those polled.

Now to the nitty gritty;

A couple came in and wanted to drink a flight of red wine. I obliged and they sat in dba's lounge area. I recognized them from the previous week, of which I had good impressions of them. Time passed as the slow bar continued to move toward the dark side of the clock, when the couple approached me.

"Do you have Peroni," the lady of the couple said.

'No, I actually don't- I'm trying to get rid of that beer," I replied.

"Why?," she said.

"It's not good beer and it's in green glass which allows the beer to become skunked," I informed her."How about I give you a better beer."

"Sure," she said.

I handed the couple Sessions Lager from Full Sail brewing (Oregon). I then described it as a Lager/Pilsner in the style of beer that was brewed prior to prohibition, which explains the medicine style brown glass bottle.

They loved it- of course.

Moments later the gentleman was on his knee, to which I figured he might just be playing around. They were later embracing each other and making out.

The couple then came up to the bar and requested to closeout, but not before the lady of the couple announced to everyone that she had just become engaged.

My heart surged and I instructed them to sit at the bar, as I poured them a congratulatory glass of Sparkling Zin.

After drinking, they paid their tab and left.

Nothing made me happier than to witness such an act at dba. Especially since they did so during the city's favorite bartender's shift.

I'm glad for them and look forward to serving them on their future anniversaries!!!


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