Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1,183 hits

As of today, this blog is at 1,183 hits. Not bad, seeing as my blog is the least conventional by local blogging standards. It's been 36 days since my first entry, and I'm so glad to have found a place where like and unlike minds can meet and share ideas, gain insight, and have some laughs.

Maybe, more blogs will endorse me, although I doubt it seeing as my blog has "different" content, but just the same I am glad to see how the other half lives nonetheless.

Thanks to everyone that keeps track of my blog, and I always welcome questions, comments, and crtiticisms. Anyone with beer questions, are especially important to me.

Thanks again, and if anyone sees David Allen, tell him i'm still waiting on his notes on my blog!

Cheers, Pomona!!!!


Anduhrew said...

i would've had you beat if i had started keeping track eariler! =) i actually have no idea what my hits are. I only put a hit counter up last month. keep up the blog.

Patti said...

Congrats Tibbi!

Hope all is well.


Ed said...

60 bucks for 600 hits doesn't seem like a great deal anymore. I'm done!! :-(

tibbi said...

$60 for 600-

damn it...i wish i was you!!!!

i have stupid google adsense, so i can track my hits- i've only racked up 18 cents so far!!!!

how are you getting $60?

Ed said...

I was implying that you paid me $60......I guess I'm sticking to my day job.

me said...

Are you feeling neglected? When I started my blog 2 1/2 years ago I had adsense and raised about $4 in as many months. That was before the Pomona Blog Explosion of 2008.
Now my blogroll reads like I am seriously behind the times! I'm thinking a free drink offer for David might do the trick, Tibbi.

G of P

pomona's art colonists said...

$$$ what???

tibbi said...

-ed...i gotcha- i thought...well, nevermind...

saracsm is a limp tool sometimes, at least without footnoting and constant referencing.


tibbi said...


damn it...i always do that.

Ed said...

Limp tool??? Speak for yourself!

I didn't give you much context, my bad. I'm 30% serious, 30% joking, and 40% sarcasm, so I'll leave it up to the reader to figure out which one makes the most sense.

Sometimes, I even change it.

Congrats, though! I particularly enjoy popping into your lane on this superhighway.

tibbi said...

thanks ed.

David Allen said...

Awright, awready -- that note is on its way!

In short, though, your blog is cool, Tibbi.

Btw, I've never been mugged in Pomona, or even felt unsafe in Pomona. But if trouble ever comes calling, watch my back, OK?