Thursday, October 23, 2008


If you guys go by dba, don't be surprised if you don't see me. Apparently, the other bossman is trying to be fair and spread out the hours a little more evenly among everyone and since I have the most shifts, I have been cut down. Now I have to work from the bottom up, again.

It makes me angry. I've worked hard to make people happy and serve them to the best of my ability. I've taken marginal shifts and turned them into days people look forward to. Now, the familiarity has been wiped away, unfairly.

C'est la vie- I'm looking for a new job anyhow, but I wish I had already secured one before this depressing news. If anyone wants to know my schedule, please feel free to email me.

I know some people only go to the bar when I am there, so please come by and see me either this Saturday morning or Sunday night and I'll do my best to serve you well.

If anyone would like to contact the bossman and perhaps throw in some good words for me-

I appreciate all who have supported the bar and myself, let's hope this situation doesn't get any uglier.


pomona's art colonists said...

You are the reason we go on Sunday nights!
You take care of everyone who goes in there and you make us feel really welcome.
Some bartenders could care less if you're there or not in fact some of them can't wait to go home so our visit feels like we're putting them out.
I'm sure that everything will work out, because Tibbi, you're the best!

Anduhrew said...

You should see if you can get a job bar tending at the tequila bar that should be opening up.

meg said...

Hey, Tibbi, sorry to be chiming in so late -- I'm behind on my blogging.

I'll definitely put in a word for you to Ron next time I see him. I don't just go to dba to see you, but I'd be happy to see you down there more often.

So when *are* you working now?