Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Some friendly encouragement

Yesterday I was kinda in some hot water at work, but it's not completely my fault. The actions of a couple of other people helped facilitate a goof-up, but I took the brunt of it because afterall, I am the brown, uneducated beer drinker.

(laughing it off....kinda)

So anyhow, the boss man and I finish up business and clear up the situation as we air out some other differences, when all of a sudden I am hit with this conversation.

: "So, how much beer do you really drink, man?"

Brown, uneducated beer drinker: "Uh..." (attempting to think back, but the hamsters lain dead in the wheel)

: "Like a six pack a day- about?"

Brown, uneducated beer drinker: "Yeah, give or take a couple. Some days I drink one or two, other days....(unintelligible)"

Bossman: "Would you say you're an alcoholic?"

Brown, uneducated beer drinker: "I'm a functioning alcoholic." (gleaming with pride)

Bossman: "I care about you man, but you have to think about it. My dad was an alcoholic, and it just fucks things up. Think of all the money you'd have if you didn't spend it on booze."

Brown, uneducated beer drinker: (trying to retain integrity because I don't care about money- I care about happiness which isn't correlated to money for me at all)

Brown, uneducated beer drinker: "Well, it's different because I don't just drink the same things, I drink all kinds of stuff and I learn...etc..."

Bossman: "You really think that's different?"

Brown, uneducated beer drinker: "I guess not, it's just..."

Bossman: "Fifteen more years, you'll have cirrhosis or cancer, you gotta be careful, I'm just saying man. I care."

Brown, uneducated beer drinker: "Yeah, I know...I think about it from time to time. I'm just making due and enjoying the time I have."


Hmmm....the conversation turned out to be a bummer, but I still drank a six pack last night. I didn't feel the alcohol. I didn't feel my soul.

My reasons for drinking have drastically changed over the years. I finally turn my vice into my livelihood, and I educate others in the process- only to be chastised.

It used to be I'd drink because I was sad. I used to drink because I was worn out emotionally and just didn't care.

Now I drink because I am happy- not to be happy. And it is still wrong?

only time will tell. I'm glad someone does care- but where the hell is my raise?


pomona's art colonists said...

Dang Tibbi! I don't know what to add to that...that just takes some of the fun out of the moment!
I'm sure that your boss cares and so do we but beer is pretty good and if we drink it in moderation we should be fine....just get tore up 2 times a week ;-)

tibbi said...

yeah, i was bummed out about it, and i still that's life- and my blog!

it'll be fine