Friday, November 28, 2008

Sunday School!!!!


come over to dba256, and let Brother Tibbi anoint you with the spirit of good brew!

Beer, love, and beer tasting

This Sunday

Friday, November 21, 2008

By the way...

Thanks to Stone and Lucky Baldwin's I have reached 99 different IPAs, the 99th being Stone 7th anniversary IPA (for the record they are on year 12).

Man, I need more beer....I have to break 200 IPAs...

Lots of news

Well, the city's favorite bartender has four new beers at dba for you all to enjoy.

Maui Brewing Big Swell IPA- beautiful citrusy moderately bitter ale- it's 7 bucks but it's canned (that's right, canned) in Hawaii, and that dictates higher costs, but it's worth it.

Deschutes Jubelale- this is a great spiced holiday beer- it's not too heavy and syrupy, it has some dark fig flavors and the signature water taste you'd expect from a brewery that uses river water for their brew.

Anchor Steam Beer- this is a truly California Common beer...the only beer style invented and indigenous to us here on the left coast.

Anchor Christmas Ale- this brew is all black berries and raisins with hints of anise- Merry Christmas, guys!


My beer tasting is finally happening (officially)!

A week from this sunday, I will be hosting my own beer tasting and providing education to those wishing to know more about beer.

It's gonna be great and I hope to see you all there.

We will be going over everything from glassware to history to how much head a particular beer requires.

Tonight's Outing-

The missus and I will be seeing Sarah Silverman perform at Nokia Club. It's gonna be so awesome, i'm gonna wear a diaper so I don't have to get up and go to the restroom and risk missing out on something...I hope Sarah makes fun of my girlfriend, that would be great!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Keep an eye out!

Down at dba, we will be moving our "by the glass" whites to a wine cooler, leaving our third fridge (under the back counter) available- and guess what's going into that firdge?

MORE BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be on the lookout for some Christmas beers and special releases.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I needed this-

Lately, I've been down in the dumps for a number of reasons, but I completely forgot about it all and I have The Back Abbey to thank.

Last night, the missus and I went to a Chimay sponsored dinner in celebration of their 25th anniversary of export to the U.S.

Tickets cost us 25 smackers each, how could we not go?

When we arrived, we found each table adorned with booklets, pens, bottle wrenches, and special edition commemorative Chimay goblets (instant collector items worth the price of the ticket alone).

Needless to say, I was giddy and, admittedly, partially aroused by the sight and anticipation of what was to come.

Upon the start of the event, we were addressed by the owner, John, and the Chimay representative. They went over a little bit of history of Chimay and John expressed his excitement for his ties to Chimay, being that he owns a Belgian beer pub and also that he has a deep passion for Belgian beer.

The first course was a cheese plate paired with Chimay White (a Belgian trippel).
Good presentation, the missus enjoyed the cheese and apples. (I don't eat cheese)

Here's the beer in said special goblet;


The following course was especially delicious and also paired well with the trippel;
it was a delicious semi-spicy crab cake accompanied by some pickled garnish.

Now, keep in mind- we were being thrown free stuff left and right. The tickets were only 25 dollars and the food up until this point had already exceeded expectations- how were they able to pull this off? Well, it's part of Chimay's campaign to celebrate it's existence in the States and continued growth in the premium beer market. And it was wonderfully timed with John's unveiling of new food items to his already delicious "Gastropub" menu. This was an unbelievable spread, but there's more.

The second beer was the Chimay "Red." this is a delightful "dubbel" with a warm taste yet delicate mouthfeel, almost impossible for such an abbey ale.

This beer was expertly paired with a roasted pear and hazelnut salad with a light vinegarette and feta cheese. (mine was sans fromage- thanks BA)

I should also inform you that the crowd here on this night varied from a man with, I could not make this up, cheetah spotted dyed hair, to a table of cosmopolitan gay men, to an old man with a cheap looking date who knew nothing of beer and was annoying me, to yours truly ( a fat brown dude that can outdrink the entire room of weekend booze warriors). Now, I'll be the first to tell you, I do not fancy Chimay completely, but this was indeed something I, as a beer lover, could not pass up. I specialize in American craft.microbrew beer, and I love, especially, the beers we make here that emulate Belgian styles. Every once in a while, though, it's nice to get back in touch with the roots and I couldn't be happier about the Back Abbey's existence and seeming success.

Now, back to the dinner-

The last pairing was the most amazing feat of the night. I had starved myself all day and I was greatly rewarded with Chimay "Blue" and an 8 oz. filet mignon with mushroom gravy and steak fries.

This was the point where I ejaculated all over the table and the missus fainted. (well, practically)


Here's the "blue" a strong dark ale that helped the lacy mushroom gravy blend into the deliciously buttery steak

It was a great success and "Cheers" to John, the great Back Abbey staff, and of course to Chimay.

Happy birthday Chimay, you'll always be America's "Belgian."

And to you nay sayers- Fathers Office could never have pulled this off, nor would ever be in a position to make me happy by not putting cheese on something- this is the last word on the debate.

Rothman vindicated?


Rothman's partial tests are back. His BAC was 0.4- as opposed to the the limit which is 0.8.

Rothman was technically not drunk, although it was said not all subtance tests were completed.

He still failed a sobriety test and I think this news is "too little, too late." (when it comes to his campaign and political future)

Blood alcohol level has a correlation here, but believe me when I say that I have been able to consume upwards of seventeen (17) beers during a shift of work lasting about nine hours.I was completely coherent and no one was even privy to my consumption because I gave no tell tale signs of intoxication. This is an isolated incident, because sometimes it's very apparent I've been tipping the elbow. My point is that every person is different and although the law may not designate a level as being dangerous, consider that there is no excuse for unsafe driving and putting innocent people in harm's way, whether the reason is due to intoxication, lethargy or emotional instability.

I'm gonna step off of the soapbox.

And if anyone ever wants to challenge me to a drink off, I am definitely game.