Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rothman vindicated?


Rothman's partial tests are back. His BAC was 0.4- as opposed to the the limit which is 0.8.

Rothman was technically not drunk, although it was said not all subtance tests were completed.

He still failed a sobriety test and I think this news is "too little, too late." (when it comes to his campaign and political future)

Blood alcohol level has a correlation here, but believe me when I say that I have been able to consume upwards of seventeen (17) beers during a shift of work lasting about nine hours.I was completely coherent and no one was even privy to my consumption because I gave no tell tale signs of intoxication. This is an isolated incident, because sometimes it's very apparent I've been tipping the elbow. My point is that every person is different and although the law may not designate a level as being dangerous, consider that there is no excuse for unsafe driving and putting innocent people in harm's way, whether the reason is due to intoxication, lethargy or emotional instability.

I'm gonna step off of the soapbox.

And if anyone ever wants to challenge me to a drink off, I am definitely game.