Thursday, October 16, 2008

This is my provocative blog/ The GAY blog

I was reminded this morning of the ongoing debate of gay marriage. While I am normally moderate, I'm pretty liberal on this subject for many reasons. I am going to use some of the statements I've encountered and respond accordingly;

-Marriage is between a man and woman; the bible says so.

Now, this is a fundamentalist statement. It's a conservative statement, but I don't consider this to be an educated fundamentalist statement, nor an educated conservative statement. I hate this statement because I've always wondered why fundamentalists cite the bible in this argument. The bible says God created man and woman. So, does this mean gays were "factory seconds," or "defective?" Are they not products of God in God's own image?- I'm looking for some consistency here- this argument is not very "Christian."

-I don't want my children to think it's alright to be gay or that it is an option.

Whoa man, whoa- this is a ridiculous fear, but somewhat understandable. No one wants to interrupt the status quo. But what exactly is the status quo for children, in regards to homosexuality?

(has flashbacks from private school)

.....I remember calling my friends "fags," alot. I also called other guys "fags" alot. I remember making alot of jokes about people being "gay."

Not much has changed, and as I grew older I kept calling my friends "fags," and I still make jokes about people being "gay."

But this is wrong- not for moral reasons, so much, but because I've been using words completely out of context. The entire time I was using "gay," and "fag' when I should've been using "retard," or "loser."

And for that I am sorry.....

In fact, I had a gay coworker. I would get angry with managers and I used to call them "f*$#ing faggots," then I would have to turn around and say, "sorry Eddie, I didn't mean to offend you." It was a bad habit. I am a working man, and I don't swear a whole lot, but I do love my racial epithets and sexual slurs. In this case, I would use the word "faggot," to emasculate men, because for many insecure men, this is the worst thing one can be called. For me, the worst thing I can be called is, "wetback." (for the record- I am not)

What I am getting at is this, establishing tolerance of homosexuality and lifting the taboo connotations with it, can only benefit us as a society striving for utopia.
Maybe it starts with children. (not sure myself though) It won't make children want to become gay, it would only help reiterate equality for all and possibly open dialogue so as to avoid family problems and such, associated with "coming out."

-Gay marriage makes a mockery of marriage between a man and woman.

So, if you don't try to stop gay marriage- the terrorists win. If you support gay marriage, you must be French- and French ain't 'merican!!!!!

You see where I am going?

Men and women are making a mockery of marriage in the US. Marriage by way of pregnancy is making a mockery of marriage. The divorce rate in America is making a mockery of marriage. Superficial relationships are making a mockery of marriage.

I thought people were more progressive than these arguments. History shows man progressing up to this point and despite our advances in technology and medicine, we've seemed to regress philosophically. It's as if we have no time to be conscientious anymore.

There's no room for common sense, where will people put their blackberries?

Now I am not a proponent for homosexual lifestyle. I am a proponent for equality and common sense for the betterment of society as a whole- not for sociological sections apart.

Okay, despite any argument I can make, these might be unrealized opportunities with this issue.

Gay marriage will stimulate the economy.

Think about it. More weddings mean more flowers, photographers, venue rentals, dj services, live band services, and a host of other related costs. Gays are notorious for having more money as discretionary income due to the fact they gays have less family expenditures.

Gay marriage will help curb AIDs.

It's no secret, gays tend to be more expressive, especially sexually. There are huge campaigns to help curb AIDs and many of these are targeted at gays. Promiscuity is a huge inadvertent result of the gay lifestyle due in part to a lack of discipline as prescribed by marriage or at least the opportunity for such monogamy. Marriage is a symbol of loyalty, dedication and monogamy. I am not saying gays are wild and full of AIDS, but there is an inherent sociological effect because of the absence of marriage as an equalizer acclimating themselves to the general population which would then in turn establish health and moral concerns that everyone else would normally be subject to.

(this is a generalization, please take it in context)

Anyhow, that's it for this one. Homosexuality isn't going anywhere, and no one has the right to limit anyone else's potential to lead a life equivalent or greater to that of anyone else.

It's bad enough the powers that be dictate many aspects of our lives without having to define the word "happiness," and a list of those whom "happiness" may be afforded to.

No one should be forced to marry and no one should be prevented from marrying.


meg said...

For what it's worth, the Bible also forbids marrying outside one's race or tribe -- but I haven't heard anyone argue that interracial marriage is an attack on the institution of marriage, at least not within the last 40 years or so.

tibbi said...

point for meg!

Ed said...


Just wanted to say, "God, I like your blog."

Anonymous said...

Where does it say that in the Bible Meg?