Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Change of PLANS!

At first, as winter approached, I was more than happy to sample porters, stouts, and spiced ales. But winter never really came.

85 degrees outside isn't exactly a good reason to go to the fridge and grab an Imperial Stout.

So, I've been forced to drink outside seasonality in forward vision toward Spring.

What beers does spring bring might you ask?

Here's the list of things to grab/drink as the weather maintains a beautiful constant.

DESCHUTES Cinder Cone Red- Nice moderate red ale without the excessive caramel/scotch flavors you'd find in other beers of this style. Crisp and hop/dry finish. Perfect for evening drinking.

PORT BREWING Panzer Imperial Pilsner- Not many breweries bother with pilsners, especially imperial style (twice the pilsner). Thank God for Port. This nicely refreshing beer has a strange candy cane sugar finish. This beer drinks like a bright sunny day, but in a very satisfying way.

ALBA Scottish Pine Ale- This beer is brewed with spruce and pine shoots- it has this super floral scent and tase with earthy tones giving the palate superior satisfaction. Rare find. But worth it all....

MAUI BREWING Bikini Blond Lager- This is by far one of the best blondes around. Light and refreshing, but not watery- some hop traces but without astringency.

HANGAR 24 Orange Wheat- This could be one of the only wheat beers I'd ever crave. Wheat beers are great candidates for additional flavoring- (Seadog Blueberry Wheat, Sam Adams Cherry Wheat)- This beer is very clean tasting with rind, but moreso blossom presence.

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