Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We interupt this beer blog-

I really hate doing this, but I had a very interesting conversation (confrontation) tonight. I don't wish to divert attention away from our upcoming 'Garden Fire" fundraiser, but at the same time; this is too good to pass up.

So here's the story.

Picture this- I am awaiting the results of the city council meeting, so I am working the bar as to provide dba256 the opportunity to have representation at the meeting. People start coming back and the news is great. The DPOA has been re certified. Great!!!

Everybody starts drinking and celebrating and the usual suspects are about and everyone is relieved. A council member walks through the door and is all smiles, and a little later the honorable Mayor Rothman arrives.

This isn't a big deal, but I really was surprised to see him at dba256 because it is a rarity. I have seen him at other establishments though.

Anyhow, a celebrating member of the DPOA walks up with Rothman to the bar an requests a beer to be put on the tab for the mayor. A Dale Bros. Pacific Daylight is ordered.

So amid the busy transactions and between duties, our honorable mayor is poured and served his beer. I continue to fulfill orders and he walks away. Everybody is having a good time.

Everybody is hobnobbing and schmoozing and all of sudden an associate grabs my attention and requests that I make it over to the other end of the bar where Rothman awaits. OK- sure...

I make my way over there and inquire as to what is needed, in the event I am to pour more beer for these happy campers.

And this is the conversation that ensued.

Third Party: "Tibbi, I'd like you to meet the Mayor, Elliot Rothman. Mayor, this is Tibbi."

Honorable Mayor of Pomona: (extends hand)

The city's favorite bartender: (extends hand and shakes)

Honorable Mayor of Pomona: "You're the one that writes/blogs, right?"

The city's favorite bartender: "Yup, I hope there are no hard feelings. (laughs)"

Honorable Mayor of Pomona: (While still engaged in handshake) "You're a very funny guy."(Pauses and glares) "There are lots of hard feelings."

Third Party: (Jaw drops) "Uh, Tibbi- you two know each other? I am so sorry..."

Tibbi: "No, it's fine. Don't apologize."

Honorable Mayor of Pomona: "I am a face to face man. When I was young we had CB radios. You know CB radios? People would get on them and talk- People would hide behind electronics. I didn't like that."

The city's favorite bartender: "Sir, I do not create illusions. What you see is what you get, my name is there and my photograph is there. I do not hide behind anything. I am always here and available-everybody knows where I can be found"

Honorable Mayor of Pomona
: (Disengages handshake and ignores me as to walk away upset) "Well, (third party) I'll see you Wednesday." (Turns and walks away.)

What the hell? Really?

Did the mayor just attempt to cheap shot me while I was working and even serving him?

He knew damn well who I was when I served him his first, then second beer. My image is plastered everywhere and who can really not see me? I am a big fat bearded dude that always has a beer attached to my hand.

He picked a really shitty time to act so immature, seeing as we are all coming together as a community to help our own out. (Maybe city hall should take some notes)

He attempted to call me a coward and I am sure he was surprised by my reaction. Was I supposed to kneel before him and sob and beg his forgiveness because he's the mayor and that's that?

Is this fuckin' bizzaro world?

Look, I don't walk into city hall, open his office door while he's working and start boo-ing....but you know what? maybe I should....

Isn't there some city business to attend to? Maybe he doesn't have anything else better to do but to harass people while they are working, but I have much better things to do-

Like what you ask?

Like serve people tasty brew and promote our upcoming FUNDRAISER!!!!

I sure hope the mayor intends on making up for this debacle at the fundraiser by ponying up some funds and being mature. He wants to be face to face? Let him be face to face, with his wallet and an apology. He should help those in need and put aside his petty grievances. He's supposed to be a leader- not a crybaby.

He answers to us. He answers to me. He is my servant, so he should be getting me a beer and making me happy, not trying to throw his weight around because his itty bitty feelings are hurt.


Come to think of it, I haven't said all that much about him. I've seen him in bars- drunk. I've seem him do plenty of things. It's time for him to stop pretending and to be accountable for his own actions. -I am. That's why my name is on my blog. That's why my contact info is on the blog. And that's why I stand by what I say!!!!

If he doesn't like it, I am sure there are plenty of other jobs he can do.

But, for him to accost me while I am working with the intent of insulting me; a constituent- that's just a pussy thing to do.

I am a native Pomonan. I am the eighth generation to live in Pomona. My family predates Pomona as a city and goes back to original land grant given to my great, great, great, great grandfather Don Ricardo Vejar. You know Vejar elementary? How about Vejar street? That's my family. We are indigenous (practially and literally) and I'll be dammned if some jerk is gonna come into my city and mess things up because he feels entitled to- and if he does- I am sure as hell not gonna be quiet about it, nor am I going to allow him to treat me as if I was some second class citizen.

Get some class- and oh...get me fuckin' beer while you're at it....


Ren said...

Once again Tibbi the so called mayor is showing his true colors hes a big dry baby.

sally olivas said...

Amen, brother.

Ed said...

How was his tip?

Ren said...

I mean cry baby

tibbi said...

Ed, c'mon- 15% of free is nothin'-

that's just political mathematics.

Anonymous said...

This is not very rational

K said...

I'm not the world's biggest Rothman fan, but I don't think it's out of line for him to confront you when you're at work -- after all, you're always telling us that we can find you there!

As far as having hard feelings, though, I sure wish he'd express them to the rest of us on-line. I'd be delighted if there was a Pomona Mayor's Blog where we could actually find out what's going on and what he's thinking.

I mean, it'd be the perfect place to post "Not enough people are signing up for commissions -- here's what it takes, here's what we're looking for, hop on it Pomona!" That is, rather than recruiting his family. Let's have a little openness and transparency!

tibbi said...

good point. meg- it's true. it may not have been too far out of line, and I do understand his wanting to confront- but at the same time- does he have plans to face every person that opposes him? that doesn't allow much time left over for his official duties.

He chose to call me a coward in a public setting. If he had half of the finese and the ability to be a bigger person, he could've met me, and pulled me aside to express himself to his heart's content. And I would've listened.

I am just a citizen- right?

What does he care what I think anyhow, and how could he stoop to mud-throwing level if he is the Great and Powerufl Oz---uhmm...I mean mayor.

I'd like to see more accountability and I'd repesct him more if he'd handled the situation in a manner I'd expect from a diplomatic person.- Not just name calling.

Hell, I'd respect him more if he just gave me a warning and said he'd kick my ass! At least that would be badass!

tibbi said...

sorry K...i meant K, not Meg!!!!

tibbi said...

Anon- what's not rational is a public figure not having thick enough skin to deal with some comments here and there.

Although I get where he is coming from, I guess my standards for people in higher positions demands that they hold themselves to a higher standard than the rest of us.

Jim said...

Have you considered that perhaps when the mayor was grasping your hand, gazing into your eyes and commented on "hard feelings", he was actually flirting.

tibbi said...

Jim- that is a great point!!!!

I never looked at it that way!!!

tibbi said...

Jim- that is a great point!!!!

I never looked at it that way!!!

Kate Thornton said...

I have spoken to Hizzoner a couple of times about blogs/blogging and I am sure he is absolutely clueless about what the blogosphere is, how it operates, and that individuals have individual blogs in which they can write what they like.

He is still POed about some blog comments from last year WHICH WERE NOT MADE BY YOU, TIBBI!!!! But I don't think he understands who made them, why, or that "blogs" is more than one. Like a few others of my generation, I think he is techno-challenged. Add to that a beer or two, and you've got a rude confrontation.

I'm sorry you were on the recieving end of what I believe was plain simple ignorance which escalated into ungentlemanly rude conduct. I hope Hizzoner apologises to you, Tibbi.

PS I wish I could have been there (at the party, I mean. I can do without political confrontation.) I'll see you this Fourth Saturday.
Kate Thornton

tibbi said...

Thanks Kate.

I appreciate it. And I apoligize again for our scheduling conflicts. I meant no harm, we needed time to plan, but we needed to react fast.

I'll be more mindful, next time- I promise.

Kate Thornton said...

Oh, Sweetie! I should have scheduled you first! Next time, you'll be drinking beer at my house!
Hugs, Kate