Saturday, January 16, 2010

From Mexico with love

Well, a pair of buddies just came back from their annual trip to see family in Mexico. I missed their company and our usual beer drinking. As a souvenir they brought me back an unusual mug (very unusual) and a couple of beers that one can really only find in Mexico.

I just opened them up and poured them in to the missus' snifter. Here is what I found for each.

Noche Buena Cerveza 2009 is from the newly FEMSA acquired brewery Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery (Bohemia, Tecate, Carta Blanca)-(FEMSA is a Euro Brewing Conglomerate in the news recently and on Skrip's blog)

Here are the goods;

Alcohol (ABV): 5.9%

Color: Clear (filtered) Amber

Mouthfeel: Between light and moderate- typical lager.

Description: Minimal carbonation allows for no head and yet remains quite fizzy. Buttered toast flavors exist (might be possible phenol ester). Relatively heavy alcohol esters are also present. Overall the beer drinks a little stiffer than it appears and almost feels Bock-ish in nature. I would call it a winterbock, but it has too much adjunct corn sweetness to say so. It is a surprising beer and I would drink another one.

Negra Modelo Edicion Especial "Color" is from Modelo Group.

Alcohol (ABV): 5.3%

Color: Burnt Orange (unfiltered)

Mouthfeel: Light Bodied

Description: This beer is a bottom fermented beer that offers very little carbonation, if any. Prunish scents gather in the nose, but this is deceiving. Large Alcohol esters are present and the grain flavors associated with this type are overshadowed by a grape lollipop type of aftertaste. I would drink this beer again, but in varying times and temperatures.

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