Saturday, May 8, 2010

10,000 hits

Yup. Ten thousand hits since I started this blog in 2008- not too bad considering most people don't realize I have a mind full of things to say.

This is a beer blog, but I have tended to throw in my personal beliefs in politics, religion, sex and whatever else I come across.

I hope I have provided a venue that has provoked laughter, raised eyebrows, and attempted to provide education.

I have provoked controversy for the most part though.

Anyhow, in my labors for the love of beer I have finally come across a situation that will make or break me in this business and future endeavors.

I will be taking the Certified Cicerone exam.

Here are some examples of possible questions found on the test.

- Just prior to fermentation, brewers test he wort with a hydrometer or refractometer to asses what important property of beer?

- Brewed on the banks of the Rhine river, Zum Uriege is a class example of what style?

- What ingredient is most likely to be responsible for a cheesy flavor in beer?

- Would the flavor attributes contributed by Acetobacter species be desireable in an outstanding example of a Flanders ale?

- If a brewer adds gelatin or isinglass to a beer, what are they trying to achieve?

To put it simply- its a massive test that will no doubt be the biggest challenege I have yet to face vocationally.

So keep me in your thoughts and prayers especially during beer drinking time- I could use all the positive waves I can get!

Thanks for reading can only get better from here.



John Clifford said...

Best of luck Tibbi, or should I say "break a leg." Don't want to spook some superstition.

Even though I'm not a beer drinker, I'm happy to check in on you and see what's going on.

tibbi said...

Thanks John- I appreciate the support.