Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well, I'm a jackass.

I have been very preoccupied lately with my new life.

Here's what you guys have missed.

-Went through an emotional divorce of sorts.

-Secured employment with the state of California (nothing amazing, but a decent steady job that will eventually fund homebrewing.)

-Went through a horrible depression.

-Made a new friend and changed residences. (I'm still in Pomona)

My beer drinking has slowed and I've been focusing on myself and the em betterment of such. I'm not going to lie, for a while I was that dude from the Zoloft commercial- and I couldn't take neither pleasure nor refuge in my first love- beer.

As anyone, I made a lot of mistakes by drinking too much- it's common. I have a lot of issues.

Here is my promise to any of my remaining readers.

If you keep reminding me you need me and furthermore- beer, I will do my best to keep on the up and up.

I leave my house around 7:35 am and get home around 7 pm. Now mind you, I live on White Ave. and work on Garey Ave. I don't always feel like sitting in front of a computer continually, especially now that my computer work no longer involves beer, but the assholes that we know to be the general public of California.

Now more than ever- I have an obvious need to drink (the DMV).

But beer drinking shouldn't be just to take the edge off. Its artistry should be a celebratory beverage heaped in victory and splendor.

And now that I am a working man, getting his shit together, I am all about the big win.

I recently hosted, in conjunction with the amazing Joey's BBQ (Pomona), a beer tasting.

Joey's is always so hospitable and we sampled the following.

Moose Drool (Big Sky, Montana)- A brown ale, that seems to be true the English style in that is is lacking in carbonation. but doesn't allow it self to be watery as would it's more famous commercial cousin.

Hazelnut Porter (Sea Dog, Maine)- A porter not very portly, but with the hint of hazelnut that makes you want to warm the beer up and drink it as an aperitif.

Scotch Porter (Mad River, California)- The one porter I feel that is out in the open screwing with everyone's expectations. It tastes like peat. That's it, nothing else. It's not overly smokey, which would make it taste like a pig in a bog. It's just the quiet thicker girl at the dance that you know is dying to jump your bones.

Fuel Cafe (Lakefront, Wisconsin)- I enjoy this brewery's Cherry Lager, and although I'm not a fan of Midwest offerings, I can tell you, I'm not a coastal coffee drinker either. However, this beer has that coffee grit that tastes good when slightly iced. I'm an herbal tea drinker, and a hop head, but this beer is the kind that can wake you up- but only to slap you on the side of the head.

In other observations, it seems downtown is a-gush with new beer. I've helped dba256 revamp its lagging beer offerings (lagging since my departure). I've noticed those over at Acerogami have also taken note of beer's marketable powers, in relation to craft beer and not the previous South American garbage flowing out of there from before.

And whether or not anyone realizes it, my dream is coming true.

I set out to change the beer climate of downtown Pomona, and although I have very little to show for it, I've engineered (in a roundabout way) a future for downtown's revenue and culture.

Artists and art lovers drinking commercial products never made much sense to me.

I hope I can continue to be involved with Pomona and her thirst for new beer.

I promise I will get back in the saddle and do good beer works for the thirsty and ignorant.

Trust me, lately- I've just had a really bad hangover.


John Clifford said...

Good to have you back Tibbi. While not a beer drinker myself, I appreciate anyone with a passion for anything. And when our passions cross (Pomona) hopefully some of it rubs off on each party.

I DO appreciate what you taught be about your favorite brew.

goga said...

Yes, that was a great Beer Tasting recently at Joey's and I learned a whole lot --- Thank you. It's good to hear that things are definitely looking up now for you.

Yeah, and I know the feeling about it looks like I've made a big impact on something, but not really seemingly like there's a good ruler for it, or the credit just isn't there. For now though, just having fun with it and riding the ride.

Maybe the credit isn't so monetary or authority-driven, Pomona is just a more super awesome place to live. Thank you!

Skrip said...

It's been a while Tibbs... we'll have to catch a brew soon! btw, like your new page colors.

Girl With Chalk said...

Hey Tibbi!
I missed the Joey's beer tasting--cause I didn't have a ride! And I don't drink and there ya go! I'll have to catch up!
See you soon.
: )