Friday, September 26, 2008


Here is my list of ultimate super beers that have the ability to change the world with their great complexity and flavor. enjoy! (the format is, Brewery, Beer, Description)

Dogfish Head- Midas Touch- The recipe is derived from the oldest known fermented beverage. It is brewed with Muscat (yes, that muscat) grapes and flavored with honey and saffron. It is unlike anything and tastes similar to a Chardonnay, but more effervescent like Sauternes Champagne.

Stone Brewing- Vertical Epic Ale '07 aged in red wine barrels- This is a beer from a series, the sixth to be exact, that is intended to culminate in a "vertical tasting" in the year 2012. It is a delicious Belgian style saison hybrid with a strong pale ale. It has a delicious yeasty backbone without being overpowering, yet retaining a clear alcoholic footprint. Notes of spicy coriander and pastry-like bread all in one, but somehow imagine this bread lightly drizzled with sugary reduction made with figs, raisins, and gorgeous ripe red fruit.

Russian River- Temptation- This is a beautiful Golden Ale aged in oak chardonnay barrels. The color leaves a definite imprint on the mind and it's scent is undoubtedly the scent of the clouds in heaven. This is a beer that you'll regret drinking only because once it's gone you won't be able to drink it again. (unless you purchased two bottles, which will run you 18 bucks a pop for the small bottles)

Cucapa- Chupacabras Pale Ale- This is one of the most complex pale ales I have encountered thus far. It has an uncanny creamy beginning texture, yet clean mouthfeel that ends in a peppery kiss on your lips. OLE!!!!

Ommegang- Grand Cru Rouge- Delicious wine like body that opens up in your mouth with a heavy, dry, fruity bouquet of alcoholic heft. This beer simply drinks like a wine with dark fruit notes, no sign of caramel, but definite wood flavors abound.


pomona's art colonists said...

Russian River!
I'll take 2!
Actually I want to try all of these...You introduced us to Cucapa on Sunday and it was really good!
What time are you pouring at the fair this Sunday?
We'll come by ;-P

Anduhrew said...

what bar can i get this said ugly older brother of tequila known as mescal?