Friday, December 19, 2008


Come down to dba256 tonight!!! We're having come good deals to help with the holiday blues!!!!

4 dollar Pomona Queens and free appetizers!!! Plus, some other goodies!!!!

I'll be there getting sauced, so you should come by in case I say something funny!!!!



meg said...

I'll try... I have to work late, plus I'm incredibly behind on everything, so I don't know. But I sure could use a drink.

tibbi said...

that a girl-

with things being what they are, people like have to prioritize- work will always be there, but beer tends to go stale...

make haste, we can't waste any time...

tibbi said...

like *us*

calwatch said...

Hey, looks like you even got some love from SD 1. Gloria Molina put your event in her newsletter.

"Fri., Dec. 19, 2008
9 p.m. to 2 a.m.
* Info at (909) 623-7600 *
"dba Xmas Party with
DJ Gonzo"
dba 256 Gallery Wine Bar
256 S. Main St.
Pomona, CA 91766"

Sorry I couldn't make it but if the Gonzo is the same Gonzo I met last week at another holiday party, he is pretty good. Best wishes.